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Updated February 2, 2017

Every driver the world over is always looking for something that little bit more than they currently have at their disposal – something none can deny. However, right at the extreme of the subject come those still hanging onto childhood dreams of flying cars hitting the streets and the skies during their lifetimes.

In theory, an efficient flying car could:

  • Cut congestion
  • Decrease billions of commute-times
  • Simplify deliveries and postal systems
  • Create new industries worth trillions of dollars

Well, the good and indeed surprising news for some is that not only are flying cars real, but there are already plenty of them ‘doing their thing’ all over the world. So, if looking for a glimpse at the technology of tomorrow today, here are the top five flying cars as it stands right now:

Terrafugia Transition

This little baby made huge waves at the New York Motor Show earlier this year and is rumored to be on its way to the largest mass-production effort of any flying car-make yet. It is able to cover a distance of approximately 780KM and has a top air speed of 172KM/H and a ground speed of 105KM/H – neither of which is too shabby for the modest $279,000 investment price. The only downside is that the driver needs a good 1700 feet of runway to get the thing off the ground.

Moller M400 Skycar

The very first flying car to offer vertical takeoff and landing – also known as VTOL – the skycar can hit speeds od 375MPH and travel around 20 miles for every gallon of ethanol carried. The downside in this instance is those looking to take one home better be ready and able to hand over $1 million for the privilege.

Parajet Skycar

Perhaps the most versatile car in the history of auto making, the Parajet is just as at home on the sandy dunes as it is on rocky terrains and high in the sky. It has the ability to reach around 200MPH in the air and demands only 200 meters of runway in order to lift-off. Prices are sadly unavailable at the time of writing.

I-Fly Maverick

Representing the budget end of the spectrum, the I-Fly Maverick comes in at a modest $84,000 and offers perhaps the simplest transition between a car and an aircraft. Zero to 60MPH is taken care of in less than four seconds and it has a top speed in the air of 40MPH.


Lastly, the AVX flying care is set to deliver four seats and be able to climb as high as 10,000 feet for cruising at 80MPH. Total range of the AVX is at present a rather modest 250 miles, though the 60 second transition between car and aircraft more than makes up for the areas in which it falls short.

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