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For Those Who Would Rather Walk than Drive a Plug-in Vehicle (or even a Hybrid). . .

Published October 14, 2012

hybrid humorFor those who would rather walk than drive a vehicle that runs on more than just gasoline or things other than gasoline, you are not alone. Depending on what national news channel you listen to, automobile exhaust is not the only thing to blame for ruining the environment. All this hype about destroying the ozone layer changes all the time, depending who comes up with the most creative reasoning to follow for a few weeks, until some other explanation comes along. A few years ago, they were blaming the methane emitted from herds of cows. Really? Reality is that, those reading this right now (unless you buy into the Mayan end of the world theory) will be long gone before the earth turns into a snowy wasteland after the environment implodes.

prius repellent

Before you choose to label me as an anti-“green” supporter wanting to ruin the environment that is not what my intentions are. Corporations run the world, and I am sure it will be a cold day in hell before we see any of the big oil companies filing bankruptcy and going out of business. You also need to consider where the actual electricity comes from that powers your hybrid or plug in. If the power plant you are drawing your electricity from uses coal, your electric car is just transferring the harmful emissions. What I mean by this is that no longer is your car producing harmful emissions, but by requiring power plants to create more electricity to charge electric vehicles, they are creating the difference in harmful emissions you think you are saving. Most people do not even thing about this when they plug their car in for six to 12 hours to charge it. v8 humor

While I have to admit that at least the size of hybrid vehicles has improved, there are now hybrid mid-size cars and SUVs, the big trucks and V8s, aside from a few expensive luxury cars, run on gasoline. While combining a smaller engine with a turbocharger to produce more power with less fuel is not a new idea, the increase in its use is a step in the right direction. Replacing a gasoline engine with an electric motor and a laptop battery that you charge by plugging in to an outlet? I am definitely not a fan. I just cannot picture myself coming home and plugging my car in. I admit that someday I may trade in my V8, 14mpg gas-guzzler for something that gets a little better gas mileage, but trade it in on a hybrid or EV; I think you would have to pry my keys from my cold dead hand. 

american car humorSo, for those of you that appreciate the rumble and power of a great V8, stop letting people make you feel guilty. If you can afford the gas and keep up on your maintenance, you are causing no more damage to the environment than those huge power plants making the electricity for your neighbors EV that is attached to their house with a 100ft extension cord. You enjoy hearing a motor rumble when you turn the key, not push a button and hear something that sounds like your microwave nuking your morning coffee. So, you cannot boast you are getting 50mpg or you never have to go to the gas station, so what? To those of you who drive hybrids or EVs, if that makes you think you are saving the world, so be it, I will wave as I pass you by and watch your overgrown child’s toy get smaller in my rearview mirror, and eventually, disappear. . .


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