Ford Bronco and Ranger Confirmed For 2019 and 2020 US Releases

Published January 10, 2017

There have been rumors about these two models coming back to US markets and now there’s confirmation. The Bronco is coming back to the mid size SUV market while the Ranger fills the same slot for pickups. With both of these segments on the rise, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Ford.

Production Schedule

Both of these models are set to be built in Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant ahead of their release dates. The Ranger is scheduled to come out first with a 2019 release date while the Bronco is coming back in 2020. This also means that the assembly jobs available at this location will be secured for the foreseeable future.

Target Demographics

Joe Hinrichs, President of the Americas at Ford, spoke highly of the future Bronco’s capabilities. He went on record talking about its uncompromising four by four off road function. He also went on to describe it as rugged and maneuverable as well as functional and affordable. The Bronco could be what the mid sized SUV market needs to get away from the luxury first mentality other automakers have

Scarce Tech Details For Now

The details of the powertrain and included value adds are being kept close to the chest at the moment. With both vehicles so close but so far away, Ford is wise to not let too much info slip too early. As far out as we are from launch, both models could undergo serious changes at any time.

Because it’s closer to launching, there are more details for the Ranger at the moment. The shape and appearance of the grille that tucks right up to the headlight cluster, for example. We’ve also seen snaps of its aggressive fender build as well as its aerodynamic A pillar shape. We also know that in Europe, where the Ranger is still available, there’s only a diesel engine available as an option. It also comes in Double, Super, and Regular cab size configurations in that market.

Bronco Remains A Mystery For Speculation

While the Bronco has been a more well guarded secret, a leaked concept from 2004 teased out interest in the community. There was also more recent hinting that came from talks between Ford and the UAW about production. Even more recently was the unofficial announcement that came as a response to Donald trump criticizing Ford sending assembly work to Mexico.

As time goes on, more details are going to come out and we’ll be right on top of the latest news about the Bronco. Let us know what you think if the news that two Ford favorites are coming back soon. We’d love to hear what speculation the readers have about the possible power and builds for these two models.

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