2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid

Ford C-MAX Outsells Toyota Prius V in October

Updated February 7, 2017

2013 Ford C-MAX HybridMention ‘hybrid vehicle’ and the first word that pops into your head will probably be ‘prius.’ Toyota, in 1997, turned ‘hybrid’ into a no-so-dirty word, with the first-generation Prius, which was spacious and yet highly efficient. Toyota has turned the technology into nearly twenty other hybrid models, and other manufacturers have taken notice. C-MAX might become another very popular word, if the sales numbers from October have any bearing on it.

This year, Ford introduced the first in its hybrid line, the C-MAX, which in its first month outsold any of its Ford hybrid brethren, in their first months. In September 2012, Ford dealers moved 969 C-MAX, while they only sold 402 Ford Fusion Hybrids in its first month.

Ford C-MAX has made another milestone this month, only in its second month of sales, October 2012, having outsold the reigning king of hybrid vehicles, Toyota Prius V. One thing is for certain, Ford’s industry-leading fuel economy rating, up to 7mpg better, is certainly attracting new customers away from Toyota.

“The new C-MAX is off to a fast start in the heart of the hybrid market, not only outselling Prius v, but drawing a lot of interested Toyota customers who chose our new hybrid instead,” says C.J. O’Donnell, manager, Ford Electrified Vehicles. “Customers now come into our showrooms for fuel economy, and we’re delivering with six vehicles that offer 40 mpg or better, including the new C-MAX Hybrid at 47 mpg combined, with another two on the way by year’s end.”

Ford’s new hybrid technology is shaking up the segment, starting first by knocking Toyota Prius V on sales numbers. Ford is also promising a couple more hybrids, such as the C-MAX Energi plug-in, which rates over 100mpg-e, higher than Toyota’s offerings as well. Additionally, Ford’s pricing is much more competitive, attracting even more buyers.

“The C-MAX Hybrid is winning over customers with its best-in-class passenger room, smart technologies and leading fuel economy,” says O’Donnell. “And its $25,995 price tag gives customers the value they are looking for without having to make the typical compromises that have defined most hybrids until now.”



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