Ford GT ‘Competition Series’ – The Fastest Blue Oval Car Ever?

Published February 25, 2017

Welcome the lightest Ford GT to date. It is called the Competition series and it is set to be unveiled at the Turn One at the Daytona 500.

Created as a track-focused machine, Ford Performance worked extra hours to make it even lighter and more capable compared to the standard 2017 Ford GT. And they have succeeded in doing so by employing, even more, carbon fiber. Furthermore, lowering its weight at the top, the Ford GT Competition Series gained an even lower center of gravity compared to the standard unit. Definitely, it will be much appreciated by skillful and enthusiastic drivers.

“The Ford GT has racing in its blood,” said Ford exec Raj Nair, while adding that the Competition Series “was developed with the most hardcore track enthusiasts in mind, providing a tailored set of lightweight features and unique livery to match.”

Starting with the dieting on the GT, Ford engineers did a cool thing. They actually replaced the standard stripes with carbon fiber ones. They are probably lighter, but more importantly, give the GT a bit more interesting vibe. The carbon fiber treatment continues with added carbon fiber prop rod and a manual latch. Called the Perspex® acrylic engine hatch cover, this piece was inspired by covers on racing cars. It’s simpler, easier to use and lighter. Furthermore, they installed thinner rear glass. Made of Gorilla Glass, it’s half as thick as on other Ford GT cars.

As expected, the interior saw the most changes. Creature comforts!? Forget it. This is a competition model made for ultimate track experience. Ford Performance removed all nonessentials – the air conditioning, radio, speakers, cup holders and stowage bins. You won’t be cornering at high G with Starbucks coffee in it, would you!? Other weight reduction features we have already seen as an option on „normal“ GT comes as standard in here. Welcome the carbon fiber wheels, titanium lug nuts, and titanium exhaust. Competition Series has them all.

Accentuating its sports credibility and track worthiness is also a number of cosmetic features on the inside. Exposed Carbon everywhere. Not only on the exterior. See, Ford Performance removed the covers from the carbon fiber console, registers, and door sills. However, with the F1-style steering wheel, Ebony Alcantara suede on the seats, instrument panel, and headliner, the interior does not look sparse. It looks fast and angry. Designers even imagined a new center console and the steering wheel fascia accounting for the loss of the infotainment system and screen. This is as close to a racing car as one can get. After all, it has the „FIA-certified steel roll cage and active aerodynamic system.“

EcoBoost At Its Heart

As previously reported, the Ford GT Competition Package still employs the 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost with 647hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. The standard version became the fastest Blue Oval car ever with the top speed of 216 mph. The Competition Package with all the added and removed pieces will definitely do more. As for the price, expect a to pay a heavy premium over the standard car. Unfortunately, Ford did not provide the specs, but we can see it cost as much as the McLaren 675LT. True, it’s expensive, but also it’s a freaking Ford GT Competition Edition made for the ultimate track experience.



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