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Updated May 21, 2018

Mustang, Raptor, & GT are great Ford vehicles. But there are Ford models sold around the world that we can’t buy here. Let’s take a look at 8 of the best.

One vehicle you’ll note that’s not on this list is the Ford Ranger. The reason for that is, at the time of this writing, that Ranger production will return to the United States, most likely in 2017 for the 2018 model year.

Instead let’s look at the cars that we know are not coming our way.



Ford Everest

Developed in Australia as an SUV with true off-road capabilities (and based on the T6 platform of the Ford Ranger), the diesel-only Ford Everest was designed from the ground up with the durability to take on the most inhospitable environment (like anywhere in Australia more than 50 miles from the ocean) Unlike the unibody construction we’re seeing in Crossovers, the Ford Everest has a true body-on-frame design, assuring the torsional strength required for challenging terrains. Together with an intelligent four-wheel drive system, an active transfer case with Torque on Demand, Terrain Management System, and best-in-class ground clearance of 8.9 inches and water-wading capability of 31.5 inches, the Ford Everest is one imposing SUV.



Ford Falcon XR8

After 50 years of continuous production in Australia, the Ford Falcon line will finally come to an end next year. And though the Falcon name conjures up images of Ford’s compact car for budget-conscious buyers (or the bones of the original Mustang) in Australia it grew into one of its premiere cars, doing battle with the Holden Commodore (Chevy SS here). To send the Falcon off with a bang, they’ve built a top-of-the-line performance XR8  model, powered by a 450 hp supercharged 5.0 L. They’ve also raided to the parts bin of the already shuttered FPV (like our SVT) and the XR8 rides on FPV-developed R Spec suspension package (lowered, stiffer springs and damper rates to match, firmer bushing, a larger diameter rear anti-roll bar and modified control arms on the rear). The 19-inch alloys are FPV leftovers too, as is the Brembo brake package. Nice.



Ford Ka

The Ford Ka started as a fun little car for intra-city use in Europe. It built a loyal following and there was even  a convertible version. For the second Euro generation, Ford turned over the Ka to Fiat to re-engineer and produce on its 500 platform in Poland. On the other hand, Ford of Brazil continued to develop the original Ka concept and have turned it into a clever little ride.Though incredibility small by American standards, the Brazilian Ka is a five-door sedan capable of seating four. It’s styling and chassis are both modern and technologically advanced. The most exciting part is that it carries what many experts consider one of the best engines in world (in terms of pulling hp from displacement) the 1.0 L Ford EcoBoost. Right now the 84 hp version is available, but it’s possible the 123 hp version could find it way under the hood (of a 2200 lb car) at some point (there’s a 105 hp 1.5 L 16V four cylinder available now for those who can’t wait).



Ford B-Max

You’re probably already aware of the Ford C-Max people mover buzzing around our streets and highways. What you might not know if that the C-Max has a little brother, and it’s called the B-Max. Also a people mover (just with fewer people) it’s designed for traversing tight European streets (although there are at least three boroughs of NY where a B-Max could come in handy). What’s particularly cool about the B-Max is that it has two sliding doors, and both open to an incredible five feet. So even though you own a small car, moving a friend from apartment to apartment has been made much easier.



Ford Galaxy

The name Ford Galaxy probably recalls images of sedans of  the 1960s, but for several years the name Galaxy has been assigned to Ford’s European minivan. Although it’s quite different from a minivan here in the US. While the drivetrain and chassis are very similar (front engine, front wheel drive) it’s designed more like a tall station wagon with five doors, rather than the US standard of two doors, two sliders, and a hatch. While it’s OK for kids, as an adult who has climbed into the second row of a minivan, I find there’s no graceful way to do so and would appreciate a standard door instead of a slider. Engines range from a 99 hp diesel to a 203 hp EcoBoost four cylinder. Media in the UK have praised its looks and handling. Now if only Ford could find a market for a people mover for grown ups.



Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport is a small SUV (on a very Jeep-like 99 inch wheelbase) originally developed by Ford of Brazil and being sold in a such diverse markets as Russia, India, China, and Japan. Specifications change by market, based on available fuel (ethanol, gasoline, diesel) as well as local tax laws regarding engine displacement. So let’s cherry-pick the best features to create a US market version for ourselves: first, the 2.0 L 140 hp engine, but add to it the US 203 hp EcoBoost I-4 as an option. Availability of both FWD or AWD, and a choice of 6 speed manual or dual-clutch six-speed automatic, available with either FWD or AWD. The EcoSport already comes equipped with an advanced climate control system and a centrally mounted LCD screen with SYNC controls. Safety features include anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic stability program (ESP), electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) with Hill Launch Assist and rear parking sensors. Bring it on!



Ford Territory

The first Crossover SUV designed and constructed in Australia is based on the RWD Falcon platform. As mentioned ealier all production of Ford vehicles in Australia will cease in about a year. Unlike so many other Crossovers, the seven-passenger Territory is based on a RWD platform (rather than FWD) and is also available with AWD capabilities. The engines offered include a diesel (of course) and a version of the inline six cylinder engine that dates back to the original US Falcon of 1960. The 4.0 L six  has been upgraded substantially over the years and now feature an aluminum crossflow head, dual overhead camshafts, and four valves per cylinder, and produces 261 hp in the Territory.



Ford Troller

In 2007 Ford purchased a small, specialty vehicle manufacturer in Brazil named Troller. It’s most well-known product is the Troller T4, a small AWD off-road vehicle built with a fiberglass body over steel chassis and looked a lot like a shrunken Jeep. In 2014, the Troller T4 received a major redesign, is now being built on a shortened version of Ford’s T6 platform (sames as the Ranger and Everest) and its styling made much more contemporary. Because the Troller is built to drive around the sugar cane field and back roads of Brazil, it’s not anywhere close to road-worthy for the United States.

The Troller T4 is an off-road vehicle only sold in Brazil.



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