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Ford Joins the Race for Better Automotive Technology

Updated September 29, 2013

Ford has always been an innovator in the automotive industry. Long before Chevy ever introduced the Camaro, Ford made the nation fall in love with its little Pony car by giving the American people exactly what they were looking for. It was, and remains to be, a symbol of pride to display Mustang stripes down the rocker panel of your beloved vehicle, sometimes even if the car itself isn’t a Mustang.

While the economy has certainly thrown the entire automotive industry a curve ball or two, Ford is one name that just won’t quit. True to the tenacity of a brand that refuses to go quietly into the night, Ford has advanced their pursuit of better automotive technology by opening a brand new research center in Silicon Valley.

Playing with the Big Boys Now

Ford’s Silicon Valley research center certainly isn’t its first; the brand has global centers in reputable places, including Germany and China. It is, however, the first center to be located in the heart of America’s technology center. Silicon Valley doesn’t have much respect for weekend researchers, and Ford is striving to become a respected member of the area. Indeed, it is their goal to be seen as the innovators they are, with a hope of establishing themselves as a company that welcomes like-minded innovators with an open door policy.

Despite Ford’s seeming handicap of not previously being a member of the Silicon society, it has already pioneered some remarkable automotive technology advances, including the SYNC system for in-car connectivity. Even so, Ford knows that the future of automotive advances lies in new technology, which is quite possibly the reasoning behind opening a center in such a technologically driven location.

Goals for a Better User Experience

Ford announced that there will be three main goals of the research conducted at their new facility: improved user experience, better data systems, and open source innovation. They want to continue to give drivers what they want, just as they did in the early 1960s with the Mustang, and as they have aimed to do every year since. Today, that means a more pleasant ride with interactive technology and navigation systems, safer vehicles, and concepts that have yet to be thought of.

Perhaps there has never been a better time in which to proudly display Mustang apparel as you go about your daily life. Time and again, Ford has proven itself to be a company that is here to stay; a company whose heart truly lies with its consumers. Nothing can evidence that fact more than the company’s willingness to invest in the technology that its consumer base demands. It will be exciting indeed to see what kinds of advancements and innovations will come of the union between a never-quit company and the brightest technological minds in the nation.

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