Mustang Cobra Jet – Red, White and Blue on a New Level

Published August 10, 2012

ford american flag

Yes, the title is meant to have a few meanings but for those of you in the United States, you hopefully picked up on the fact that it is alluding to the American flag.  For those of you everywhere else, yes, this car is only available in Red, White and Blue, but perhaps you should be more concerned about the flag it flies. For those of you bitching already that the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the fastest production car in the world, you are correct. Now reread the title and give the Veyron a rest for a while, honestly some of us are tired of hearing about a $2.4 million supercar that is only affordable to the 1% or 0% since they are not made in America. How about we discuss a car that is potentially available to a few of the other 99%? So are you curious as to what the fastest accelerating production car is? Well, sit down; it is the all-American muscle car, the Ford Mustang. Not just any Ford Mustang though, the 2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. Take that, Veyron junkies.

Knowing Your Car Language

Now let me define a few things before this starts a war between the super car fanatics and those red 2012 mustang cobra jetwho are purely into American made muscle.  First the term “production”, means any car that has been built that more than two are available for sale to the public. So far, for 2012, 26 Veyron Super Sports have been built and 9 have been purchased, while 50 Mustang Cobra Jets have been built and all 50 were sold. Ford even held a party to deliver all these factory racecars to their new owners, who came from all over the world to get them. This is an example of the true American sprit behind the Mustang Cobra Jet, each of these people only spent between $95 and $104K for the Cobra Jet and they got a party, a Veyron Super Sport is around $2.4 million but you do not read about big parties to show they appreciate their customers.

cobra jetNow to explain the difference between the fastest production car and the quickest production car. The Veyron currently holds the title of the “fastest production car” due to attaining a top speed of around 268mph. However, the “quickest production car” is the Mustang Cobra Jet, who put the Veyron in its rear-view mirror with a 0 to 60 time of 1.52 seconds to the Veyron’s 2.4 seconds. Again, take that Veyron. To put this in perspective, the world’s fastest roller coaster takes about 4 seconds to hit 60mph, kind of slow is it not? While the Veyron can throw you back in your seat as if you just were rear-ended by a fighter jet, the Mustang Cobra Jet turns that into two fighter jets. The Mustang Cobra Jet also knocked Veyron in the dirt in the 0 to 100mph times as well, as the Mustang Cobra Jet did it in 3.26 seconds; the Veyron took 5.5 seconds. Can you see the big middle finger the Cobra Jet is flying to the Veyron now?

Pretty Does Not Make it Go Fast

So what is under the hood of the Cobra Jet Mustang that makes it run over the Veyron as if it is mustang cobra jet enginenot even there? Well we need to start with the 5.4-liter aluminum block DOHC V8 with a 2.3-liter TVS supercharger and 3spd C4 racing transmission. All this equates to about 430 hp.  Even though you probably already know, the Veyron has around 1200hp. There is another option in the Cobra Jet to have it equipped with a 4.0-liter with dual superchargers, but why spend the extra money when you can have more pure motor muscle over power adders.  You can put a bunch of supercharges on an old Ford Tempo and make it go fast for shits sake, but it is still a Tempo, need I say more? The Cobra Jet is delivered from the factory to be a race car. It is already equipped with a roll cage, racing suspension and NHRA drag racing wheel and tire combinations. Carrying the true American muscle feel a little further, it is only available in Race Red, Grabber Blue and Winner White. The Cobra Jet Graphics are optional, but if you are driving a car of this caliber, you should advertise.

mustang cobra jet graphics

So Now You Want One?

Now if the badass Cobra Jet has you all ready to go buy a cool helmet and start searching online to buy one, do not even bother, they are not street legal for 2012. While you may be thinking that it is stupid, think about this, do you want some overly indulged 18 year old rolling out of a Ford dealer in a car that could potentially beat a title winning NHRA Super Stock dragster?  Well, neither does anyone else. The 50 for 2012 were ordered and sold, so unless you have the cash to buy one off eBay, you are out of luck. Chances are the orders for the 2013 are already filled, as only 50 of those are to be produced as well. Perhaps 2014 will bring a street legal version of the Mustang Cobra Jet, but it is highly unlikely, but we can all hope, and keep playing the lottery. If you want an impressive street legal Mustang, consider the Shelby GT 500 at around $60K, or do it the old-fashioned way, and build one yourself, or go back to playing Need for Speed and put a fart can on your Focus. . .

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