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Ford Mustang GT Carlex Design Paid A Visit To Roush Too

This Mustang GT Carlex Design Has More Power Than A Supercar

Mustang mods do not have to be only about the added power and increased performance. This owner wanted its car adorned inside out and he asked a company from Poland to garnish its lavish interior. Enjoy this Mustang GT Carlex Design.

Ford Mustang Carlex

Starting with the standard Mustang GT with the five-liter V8, the owner called in for a tune up job in Roush Performance. The task was simple – to equip the car with a fine R2300TVS kit. It is a performance upgrade costing almost eight grand, but gifting the Mustang V8 with a supercharger and all of the auxiliary equipment needed for it to work. The end result is quite amazing – more power than what you get in the latest supercar the McLaren 720S. This Mustang GT Carlex disposes of with amazing 727hp and 610 lb-ft of torque. An increase of 300hp and 210 lb-ft of torque. Insane upgrade, however, you cut it.

Ford Mustang GT Carlex Design Inside Is A Leather Heaven

Ford Mustang Carlex

But the story about this Mustang does not stop here. No, no. The car in question received a comprehensive makeover by Carlex Design. And they did their job in the cabin. A firm, specialized in leather is well known among top tier tuners and, of course, customers who want the best for their money. We wrote about their achievements before. Now, however, the project took them really far. The customer wanted to match the exterior red and white theme with the inside as well. The problem is that this usually looks tacky and cheap. But Carlex pulled it right.

Ford Mustang Carlex

The seats, the doors, the dash – all covered in top notch red leather and white leather stripes are unlike anything one could ever see coming out of a Ford factory. Quilted pattern on the leather covered surfaces only accentuates the attention to detail and dedication of Carlex Design team. They even went into real handcrafting world designing a Mustang motif for the dash and applying it on the passenger side and on the floor mats as well. Furthermore, they applied cool American flag colors on the Mustang plaque on the outside.

Ford Mustang Carlex

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