Ford Mustang GT350R Vs GT350 – Fight To The Finish

GT350R vs GT350 – What Are The Real Differences Between The Two?

Updated October 5, 2018

We, the people here at Autowise have always wondered if carbon wheels give any advantage to a car other than making the car look expensive. We got our questions answered when the Ford Mustang GT350R with carbon wheels, and the Mustang GT350 with alloy wheels were both fitted with a dyno and were raced against each other. To make sure that both the cars are equal and the only difference was the type of wheels used, we had to be sure that both the machines were equally powerful. After doing multiple runs with both the cars, it was found out that the GT350 delivered 467 HP at 7500 rpm whereas the GT350R delivered 471 HP at 7500 rpm. Is that the only difference between GT350 and GT350R models?

The small difference is negligible, because a dyno run consists of a large variety of factors which might result in slight variations in the horsepower. In our case, the 4 hp difference occurred because of the difference in the rolling masses of the cars. The GT350R with the carbon fiber wheels had a slightly smaller rolling mass than the GT350. This isn’t surprising because carbon wheels are lighter than alloy.


When the cars were tested on the tarmac, the difference between the cars was even more obvious.

The GTR-350 soundly beat the GT350 in both the 0-60 sprint(3.9 seconds for the GT-350R and 4.1 seconds for GT350) and the quarter mile race(12.1 seconds at 119.6 mph vs 12.4 seconds at 117.8mph).

Lighter wheels wasn’t the only reason why the GT-350R emerged the champion, the car also had a much stickier rubber. Research shows that starting grip is an important factor in the speed and performance of a vehicle, and a stickier rubber means a firmer starting grip.


We can’t answer this question seeing as the pricing of the wheels hasn’t been released yet. So your guess is as good as ours.

Here is a photo of the two beauties.

GT350 Vs GT350R

GT350R GT350

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