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Ford Mustang hybrid

Ford Mustang Hybrid and F-150 Hybrid Are Happening

Whether you like it or not

Published October 23, 2017

As part of the massive Ford modernization plan we wrote about earlier (you should really read it), the company will focus its efforts on the production of the new Mustang Hybrid and the F-150 Hybrid. These two will probably finally mark Ford’s departure from the conventional propulsion system. They are crossing into the world of electrified models.

Ford Mustang hybrid

We learned about the next generation of the Mustang Hybrid and the F-150 Hybrid in January. Back then Ford acknowledged that they will introduce the F-150 Hybrid first and follow it up with the Mustang Hybrid. Whatsmore, they created 700 new jobs at their production site at Flat Rock. Ford plans to produce the Mustang Hybrid and some other electrified models there. 

Ford Mustang Hybrid and F-150 Hybrid to bring new tech?

The story about the F-150 Hybrid and the Mustang Hybrid has been cooking up for quite some time, but it seems we do not have many leads to go on when it comes to these two. Nevertheless, various interviews Ford officials gave to media help us connect some dots. First of all, hybrid versions of the Mustang and the F-150 will probably appear on the next generation vehicles.

Ford Atlas Concept Hybrid

We do know that the current Mustang chassis and architecture isn’t exactly suited for the hybrid job. The Ford F-150, on the other hand, has been thoroughly modernized for its latest generation. So much so, in fact, that Ford estimates 90 percent of the tooling used for its production will be used for the production of its next generation. As expected, it will be an aluminum party there as well.

Mustang Hybrid With V8-like performance

Although the F-150 Hybrid will debut first, we seem to have more facts about the Mustang Hybrid. See, in an interview at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, executive vice president and president of North America, Ford Motor Company Raj Nair said:
“In the Mustang, it’s all about performance, V8-like performance. At the low end, even more torque available with the electric motors, so it’s gonna be a very, very fun hybrid to drive. So couple that [instant torque provided by electric motors] with an EcoBoost-type engine and you have a great combination.”

Ford Fusion Hybrid

From this interview, we can pick up that Mustang Hybrid will utilize EcoBoost power (four-cylinder or six-cylinder) and at least two electric motors. We cannot but imagine two e motors at the front powering the front wheels.

Will the Mustang Hybrid be an AWD car?

Nevertheless, it is our bet that Ford could use a 2.3 liter EcoBoost. Couple it with a pair of emotors should create a hybrid vehicle capable of delivering “V8-like performance”.

As for the F-150, the hybrid system will most certainly provide even more of much-needed torque. The electric motor (or motors) should be coupled with a V6.

All of it part of the new Ford division called The Team Edison

Both cars will be a part of a 13 electrified vehicle assault Ford will carry out in the next five years. They even created a special division Team Edison which, more or less, operates as a car manufacturer in itself. A few days ago, Sherif Marakby, Ford’s VP of autonomous vehicles and electrification, told Reuters “The idea is to think big, move fast, and make quicker decisions” when it comes to EVs. Team Edison “will look holistically at the electric vehicle market.”


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