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The new Ford Hoonicorn V2

Ford’s Amazing Showcase at SEMA 2017

Review of Ford’s Massive Display at this Year’s SEMA Event

The SEMA show that occurs each year at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV is becoming more and more popular and important to auto enthusiasts, manufacturers, and companies.  Each year, the SEMA conference keeps getting larger and larger.  This year, it was estimated that there were over 70,000 attendees at the event, coming from all around the world.  Next year, we expect that number to be closer to 100,000, if not more.

Ford Showcase at SEMA

The SEMA show is a great opportunity for automotive vendors to showcase vehicles, concepts, engines, and other parts/components to show the automotive markets what to expect in the near-future.  Thousands of vendors rented space to showcase their products.  Among these vendors, of course, was Ford, which had a massive display that nearly took up an entire Silver Lot at the event.  Ford’s space featured many of their new vehicle models and concept cars, as well as a broad assortment of aftermarket parts and accessories.

The new Ford Hoonicorn V2

Front and center of Ford’s huge floor space was the very-deserving new version of the Hoonicorn designed by Ken Block.  Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V2 is nothing short of impressive, housing a monster 6.7-liter Roush Yates V8 with two turbos.  In a recent test of the vehicle, the team managed to crank out 1,400 bhp, blowing away the performance of the former model which put out about 845 bhp.

Ford Focus Concept at SEMA

Ford also featured many hatchbacks and took home the award for the second year in a row in the category.  Ford surrounded the Hoonicorn with a variety of Focus and Mustang concepts, fueling consumers’ imaginations for the upgrade possibilities of the famous sports car and hatch.  One of the most notable of these concepts was a Ford Focus ST with a very long list of upgrades and accessories, including a short throw shifter, illuminated door sill plates, a Full Race Turbo kit, and was even topped with a drone helipad for those that get extremely bored while sitting in traffic.

Monster Truck winner at SEMA

Ford also landed another award for America’s Favorite Trucks, the F-series.  This year marks the 7th year that Ford took home the “Hottest Trucks” award out of the last 8 years of attending the event.  Ford featured the F-250 SD126 monster truck, a regular-cab HD pickup with a massive 126-inch wheelbase that’s capable of tearing it up at high speeds in most off-road scenarios.  Another award winner in the truck category was Ford’s restored 1965 Ford F-250 Six-pack which won the Restoration category.  The restored version of one of the best trucks ever produced came from Jonathan Ward at Icon 4×4 in CA.  The truck was updated to include better-than-new standards and has a 5.9-liter Cummins inline V6 with several upgrades.

Restored F-250 at 2017 Sema Show

Ford definitely didn’t upset the crowds at SEMA 2017 and did an excellent job of encouraging consumers to dive into the aftermarket industry, which is just rapidly expanding at this point.  We can’t wait to see what prizes come to the floor at next year’s SEMA event!

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