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Ford’s Focused Advertising Campaign. The 2013 Ford Focus ST Jumps In.

Published October 21, 2012

As of late, Ford has been making some serious preparations for the future of their automotive brand, by infusing some fun, and excitement with a few models.

2013 Ford Focus STFirst off, the new 2013 Ford Focus ST has been making some headlines as of late by being involved in the first ever commercial filmed by spectators. If you haven’t heard of it, it was an impromptu race that was set up between two 2013 Ford Focus ST’s in a random city scene, and what looks like a simple drag race, turns into a spirited romp through the city. As the race unfolds, you realize that the story is being told through the screens of the spectators cell phones. Turn after, turn of tire screeching, crowd cheering, and chassis scraping antics were being had on these unknown streets. We don’t know who the drivers were, or where this took place, but it was the first of what was coming from the Ford advertising campaign.

Now, another tidbit of Ford news hit the internet in the form of a sideways driven 2013 Ford Mustang. Vaughn Gitten Jr., of the Formula D Championship was called upon to add a little excitement to an otherwiseFlat rock Visit, 2013 Mustang already strong campaign. Mr. Gitten was invited to Flat Rock, Michigan where all Mustangs since 2004 have been built, and then Vaughn commenced to giving an open clinic on the art of drifting in a Mustang. It was a great demonstration of drifting prowess, and straight up, and down Hooning.



Ford’s latest endeavor was once again throwing the 2013 Ford Focus ST into two separate, but similar situations where Hooning was a necessity. The 2013 Ford Focus ST has now been inducted into the NFS (Need For Speed) Hall of Fame, by means of the series’ newest game. Criterion created NFS Most Wanted will be the most anticipated of the NFS series of games, and Ford has jumped in full bore, by not only having their Focus in the game, but also adding the Mustang, and the Raptor into the mix. The new Focus was also added to the advertising of this great game, with a real life video introduction that then switched to the actual game play. The opening scene starts as a stand off between some high powered cars, and the local police department, when a Bright Yellow 2013 Ford Focus comes sliding through the scene backwards, with the driver giving the cops the middle finger, and then the vehicular battle begins. Ford seems to be striving to make sure that the 2013 Mustang, 2013 Focus STworld knows how awesome they are when it comes to being at the forefront of driving excitement.  






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