Ford’s Off-Road Behemoth: The Shelby Raptor

Updated July 20, 2016

Shelby has out done itself in the past with multiple renditions of the infamous Shelby mustang. But now Shelby is in a whole new playing field with the ford F-150, their newest addition to the Shelby family is the Shelby Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. This already high performing off-road pickup is in for a ride, with Shelby tweaking its engines and adding additional superchargers this beast will be in a realm of its own when Shelby is done with it. Shelby has made improvements throughout the car and to the power and handling, as well as specially designing an exterior and interior to suit its aggressive nature.

Shelby American Unveils New Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Package
This car has an immaculate exterior and is surely one to grab your attention, with a set of Shelby side fender heat extractors, which not only look cool, but also keep your engine cool and make the truck look aggressive. Shelby has specially designed three separate exterior packages that are made for you to choose from, these graphics packages include Traditional, Shelby Splash and Shelby Super Snake, just so everyone knows you don’t just have any SVT Raptor.

The interior of this car is especially distinct because it is designed for comfort and to match the trucks personality, thus the custom interior includes a two-tone leather package with contracting stitching, a serial numbered dashboard badge, as well as a very sporty boost and fuel pressure gauge to show off its nifty specs.


Shelby has gone all out with this engine by installing a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger onto the standard 6.2-liter V-8 engine that Ford originally installed in the Raptor as well as a new Shelby Stinger exhaust system. Therefore, the engine’s output jumps from the standard 411 brake horsepower to a whopping 575 horsepower, that’s right, a whole 164 more horses under the hood of this beast. The Shelby raptor has a six-speed automatic gearbox that transfers the power to all four wheels. In addition to all these crazy upgrades, an “Off-Road” mode was added specifically for this car, which calibrates the transmission, stability and traction control systems for the most optimal performance off road.
Shelby has truly engineered a masterpiece and claims that this car is the one to beat when it comes to the off-roading Truck world. All in all this Shelby Raptor is one of the most powerful, collectable, and exciting production trucks on the market today. So if you are in the market for a Raptor with enhanced power, handling, comfort ability, and aggressive styling all around, the Shelby Raptor is the one for you.



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