2012 Ford Ecoboost Formula Racer

Ford’s Record Breaking 1.0L Ecoboost Engine.

Updated September 9, 2012

Ford Ecoboost RacerIn racing news it seems that Ford may have taken a page from Nissan’s DeltaWing racing playbook, and did some downsizing to make more power. The Ford Racing European Division wanted to take their already well known Formula Race Car, and throw in one of their European spec 1.0L Ecoboost engines in it, and see what happens. Apparently they more than what they bargained for.

The team over a Ford Racing took their Formula Race car, and swapped in a new 1.0L Ecoboost motor, that would normally 2012 Ecoboost Racer Fordmake somewhere between 98hp to about 123hp. Granted this engine would either be in a Fiesta, or maybe in a 2013 Mondeo. Those numbers changed dramatically when they put it into their ultra light weight Formula car. First off, the Formula Racer was made street legal, by adding headlights, taillights, side marker lights, turn signals, and then adding a spot for the license plate to hang from. Once this was accomplished, the spunky and now tweaked 200hp, little three(3) cylinder, 1.0L Ecoboost engine was then installed into the rear of the racer, the engine was then mated to a six(6) speed sequential gearbox, the weight of the car was distributed for optimal performance, the exterior paneling was installed, and then finally the car was on it’s way.

The driver, 28 year old Nick Tandy was called upon to test this car where it would truly prove it’s merit, Ford Formula Racer Ecoboostat the Nurburgring. Tandy, also being a Nurburgring track specialist took the racer for a trip around the track, and after it was all said and done, there was great news to be shared among the team. The Ford Street Legal Road Racer pulled off an official time of seven minutes, and twenty two seconds (7:22:00). Which by the way, is the newest, and fastest lap time to date. This was great news, and everyone who participated in getting this far were ecstatic to say the least. Who would think that a tiny three cylinder, 200hp engine would tear down the times of a Lamborghini Aventador (700hp), or a Pagani Zonda which has 602hp.

Never the less, this new triumph ensured that the European spec motor will find its way into as many 2012 Ecoboost Ford Racernew Ford models as possible. The Formula Racer itself will not be for sale anytime soon, but Ford has guaranteed that the 1.0L Ecoboost engine will be seen in the Mondeo, the Focus, the Fiesta, and possibly the B-MAX, & C-MAX series in Europe. Ford also released news of the potential gas mileage specs on the new motor. With it’s current configuration the 1.0L Ecoboost motor can make upwards of 57mpg when traveling at speeds around 75mph, but that’s in the Formula Racer. When Ford applies the same motor to the much heavier Focus, those numbers translate to, 55.9 mpg, at the same speeds. So it is a safe bet that you will achieve much higher MPG’s when you have to drive even slower. Keep in mind that there will multiple versions of this great motor running on petrol fuel for anybody who wants to save few quid at the pump. 

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