Electric Mohawk Tops Fab Fours’ Legend 2.Woah

Updated April 10, 2015

The original Fab Fours Legend Jeep Wrangler, with its enormous tires on a non-lifted chassis, drew plenty of attention everywhere from the SEMA Show to Jay Leno‘s Garage but the Legend 2.Woah absolutely blows it away.

For starters, the original Legend utilized the stock engine and transmission and stock, but re-geared centers. That’s okay for shows and some light off-roading. But the crew at Fab Fours wanted to build a serious rock crawler around the same big tire – low chassis concept. The product you see here is the Legend 2.Woah, which out-radicals the original Legend in every way, shape or form possible. Here are the facts you need to know:

legend mohawk

1. One of the most visible differences is the Mohawk on the roof of the Legend 2.Woah. According to Fab Fours the reason for the Mohawk is “we needed something for the hardcore rockcrawlers to bitch about, hence the Mohawk. You need to have that polar piece that drives the attention and makes your brand memorable.”

legend moab 3

2. While the original legend carried the stock powertrain, the Legend2.Woah runs a  480 horsepower rate GM Performance LS3 crate motor backed by a AW580 Mercedes transmission with some minor mods, most notably the torque converter and Blue Top Solenoids from Mercedes.

legend uphill

3. Suspension and axles components read like a Who’s Who of the off-roading industry, allowing for a front and rear stretch of 10 inches:  Ironman 4×4 Fab 7075 T6 aluminum control arms with Johnny Joints and 7075 T6 aluminum track bars with Barnes 4WD Heim joints, custom Fab Fours radius arm suspension with Currie Johnny Joints, Fox remote-reservoir 2.0 shocks and 3-inch 2.0 Fox Air bumpstops, Acos front adjustable coil spring mounts with air bumps from JKS Manufacturing, and JK Coil Springs mated to Dynatrac ProRock80’s front and rear with RCV 35-spline front and RCV 40-spline rear axles, with ARB air lockers  and 5:38 gears.


4. Putting the power to the ground are 20″ x 14″ American Force Master wheels, mounted to Mickey Thompson 46″ Baja Claw tires, which are smaller than the tires on the original Legend to allow for better grip in rock crawling situations.


5. The name itself is a clever portmanteau of the usual 2.0 which when spelled out would read 2.oh, but in this case it’s written as Woah (instead of the more usual spelling of Whoa). By spelling Woah in this less common way, with the two vowels in the middle with consonants at the end is the same pattern as in Moab, where the Legend 2.Woah made its public debut over Easter Weekend. Told you it was clever.


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