From Concept to Reality – the Infiniti Vision GT

The Infiniti Vision GT Is A Sight To Behold

Updated September 27, 2018

Touted as “part beauty, part beast” by Infiniti, the Vision GT concept has officially left the digital racetrack of PlayStation’s popular Gran Turismo and entered reality. Although it was originally designed for virtual play, the Infiniti Vision GT concept was meant to foretell a new direction for future production as the company’s “vision of what a high performance Infiniti could look like in the future.” If this is the direction where Infiniti is heading, the future certainly looks bright.

Infiniti Vision GT 1

A physical, real-life version of the gaming powerhouse was recently showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show, causing quite the stir among sports car enthusiasts. This transformation for the Infiniti Vision GT concept isn’t the first time a car designed for Gran Turismo has gone from fiction to reality, either.  The Chevy Chaparral 2X Vision GT and Nissan’s 2020 Vision GT have both found physical forms.

Infiniti Vision GT 2

Interestingly, the Infiniti Vision GT concept’s origin lies in an internal design competition, of which the Beijing Infiniti team won. The team made it its mission to create a sports car concept that was both aggressive and sensual. With just a cursory glance at the final product, it seems to Beijing designers achieved that goal.

Infiniti Vision GT 3

The massive front grille bearing the Infiniti logo and sizeable tires lend the Vision GT an aggressive demeanor while smooth lines and vertically opening doors provide sensuous appeal. Although performance specifications on the Infiniti Vision GT concept’s performance have not yet been released, we do know that it is powered by a front-mounted V8 engine that is naturally aspirated, and the engine sends power through a transaxle to the rear. These are features we have already seen separately in Infiniti production cars, so it is not so far-fetched that this concept may enter full-scale production in the coming years.

Infiniti Vision GT 4


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