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Future Crossover Vehicles, Are They Worth The Wait?

Updated June 13, 2018

What’s up everybody, and welcome to another great segment of Gearheads. Today we’re Honda CRV 2013going to look at the future of the what is known as the Crossover vehicle. In an article posted some time ago, we kinda, sorta bashed the Crossover in regards to what it is, and what it represents, but today we are going to look a few of them that are intended for us to buy, and or simply gawk at.


Lamborghini-LM_1986 First up, is a crossover that essentially has the heart of a Bull, but it’s predecessor was autowise.comone of the worst vehicles on the road. This vehicle is the Lamborghini Urus. The Urus is being listed as an SUV, but we all know that this vehicle, when it does come to light, will never see anything more than asphalt everyday of it’s life. In a recent conference Lamborghini CEO, Stephan Winkelmann was proud to say that the Urus is on it’s way, and would only disclose that it is proposed to have about 650Hp under the hood. Unbeknownst to the average car person, the VW Group are the one’s pulling the strings here, and they have to give the final “OK” for the Urus, and the Bentley SUV to get the go ahead for production. Funny how things work right? Italians waiting for the Germans to pat them on the head, and say “You go ahead and build your little SUV.”. “Just don’t make another LM002, OK?”

Lawrence GermanAnother Crossover to hit the headlines was the Jaguar C-X17 Concept. This is another luxury auto maker who wanted a piece of the proverbial Sports Utility Pie. The C-X17 Concept is a vehicle that was basically modeled after one of the more popular, and road worthy Jaguars, and then given a taller stance, bigger wheels & tyres, and enough room to seat 5 adults that don’t suffer from bad teeth, or who constantly think the world revolves around them. If you have to look at the pictures, I would say it looks pretty sweet, and is something that would give the X5, or the X6 a clear run for their money. Just like the Urus, the C-X17 Concept is just that, a concept, and has to wait until it too, gets the go ahead to become another fast paced Crossover that the average Blue Collar Worker will struggle to afford.

Last up on our Future Crossover list is the Japanese auto maker better known as Lexus, autowise.comwith their extremely angular, physically perplexing, LF-NX Crossover Concept. First off, this thing is hideous. I know that it’s my opinion, and I’m no designer, but as a potential consumer, I would not feel great about driving this thing. It looks like something that would be driven in a Sci-fi Anime flick. I mean the lines are all over the place, the grille is ridiculously enormous, and border line scary. The LF-NX has the feel of what would happen if The Hulk got his hands on a Lexus LS, squeezed it a little, pulled up the roof, and then slapped some ugly rims on it. This car makes no sense at all. It’s really hard to get past the exterior, and for a company like Lexus to expose this vehicle during the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show, they have to know something is wrong. The LF-NX’s interior kind of makes up for it’s harsh war machine outward appearance with loads of technology, and buttons to push. But to be honest, since Lexus made the LFA, they seem to want to it’s looks, and then marry them into every single vehicle they produce. The key here is, to know when to stop while you’re ahead, and wave the white flag when your final product can be compared to vehicle in Blade Runner.

All in all folks there will be more SUV’, CUV’s, Sport Utility Concepts heading down the pipeline soon enough, and all you as car guys, gals, and fans have to do is wait, and then judge for yourselves. Until next time, Thanks For Reading. Comment below, and LIKE us Facebook.  


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