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Future Space Racer as Imagined by Rico Karsten

Updated April 20, 2016

What will what is now called automobile racing look like in 30 or even 50 years from now?

Will the vision of ‘pod racing’ as envisioned in Star Wars be a reality at that time?

Will the ‘automobile’ as we know it to be completely redefined and reimagined?

Ikarius 1

One very creative designer in Berlin Germany by the name of Rico Karsten took it upon himself to define his vision of the race car in the future, the far off future.

With an aggressive stance that could be inspired by muscle cars of today such as the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro, Mr Karsten’s design has a strong and muscular beltline with the passenger compartment located towards the rear of the vehicle. This design conveys that under the hood lies a large power source that propels the vehicle forward.

Ikarius 2

Like a modern single seat racing car, the driver is located in the center of the vehicle. This would be the ideal position for a very fast race car, or in this case, a very fast space racer.

Ikarius 3

An engine that today would likely be a large supercharged American V8, is envisioned in the future to be a power plant that is capable of some form of space travel. Judging from the shape of the vehicle, it looks like the engine of the beastly futuristic space vehicle will likely be in the close to the same place of the vehicle but instead of centrally located and be configured in much the same way as would be found in a modern jet airplane.

Ikarius 4

Dubbed the Ikarius by the designer, unlike the mythical greek legend of a like spelling, this vehicle looks to be designed to travel at all heights in the sky and even higher.

Mr. Karsten’s goal for the Ikarius was to create a space race vehicle inspired by American muscle cars. Says Karsten, “You can see many of the similar cues, especially on the front of the bodyline”.

Ikarius 5

If this is what future space racing looks like, this could be exciting. That being said, it may be easy for many ‘car buffs’ to transition into ‘space racing buffs’ in the future.

Mr Karsten completed this project over the course of a month in his spare time. He hopes to use this as a tool to land a job designing incredible creations for video games.

Ikarius 6

Unfortunately, I don’t have a job for Mr Karsten but if I had such an opening, the job would be his.

Good luck Mr. Karsten.




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