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Top 10 Future Tesla Models

Here Are 10 Tesla Models We Would Love To See

For electric cars to achieve a substantial effect on air quality, they would have to cut through several market segments. What we really mean is we’d have to see luxury SUVs as well as electric pickups and even smaller sedans. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, hinted just that when he presented the second part of the company ambitious plans back in 2016. This isn’t an official release of future Tesla Models, it’s things we’d like to see them produce so remember that it’s more for fun than anything else.

Musk reiterated that the market needed urban high passenger density transportation and heavy-duty trucks among others that utilized electricity for their operations. He even mentioned that Tesla was already working on some few examples and that 2017 would see their release into the public. Normally, holding your breath is the last thing you want to do or worse, put a date on it. However, this might just get you thinking about all the possibilities EVs can offer.

To this end, we’ve managed to sort through and come up with 10 vehicles that Tesla could be launching into the market over the next decade, with many of them being already confirmed or suggested in Musk’s blog posts or statements. The remaining are an imagination of what a brilliant EV automaker would create going into the 2020s. The future definitely looks bright.

Could These Be Upcoming Tesla Models?

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has been pretty much confirmed and took the auto news by storm for almost a month after its introduction with talks about it still in the air. Though the final product hasn’t still been revealed, hundreds of thousands of people have no problem parting with $1,000 to get their name featured on the list. On this model, Tesla is promising terrific acceleration, over 215 miles when it comes to the range and a $35,000-starting price excluding incentives.

Tesla Pickup Truck

If you look at some of the market dominators over the last five years, you’ll realize that pickup trucks are a force to reckon with. Millions of pickup trucks are sold by automakers annually, and most of them will average about 20 miles per gallon on the lower end. This clearly shows you how an electric pickup would come in handy in the pickup truck market. Musk said that Tesla is rolling out plans to create one and hence there are hopes for such trucks. Our imagination renders it to be a cross inspired by the two 2016 Mercedes-Benz pickup truck designs (one for style and one for work.) If we’re throwing ideas out there, it won’t in any way be similar to the Chevrolet Silverado.

Tesla Minibus

Another possible model on Tesla’s list would be the small electric bus. Musk got into a discussion about the big need for sizeable public buses with more utilization of interior space. According to him, these would be small autonomous buses that would transport passengers to various destinations in urban areas. The bus wouldn’t feature any steering wheel or center aisle and that they would be able to accommodate bikes and wheelchairs as well being able to drop clients from door to door. Our guess is it would somehow take the Volkswagen I.D buzz appearance which debuted during the Auto Show in Detroit.

Tesla Roadster 2.0

The original high-performance priced Tesla Roadster was one of the machines aimed at putting the automaker on top of the food chain and was mostly targeted toward the 1%. This original masterpiece drew in cash that financed Tesla’s Model S project, which shows it achieved its goal. Once Tesla ticks all the items on its to-do list, the obvious thought would be that the engineers would take another go at the design, only this time, transforming it into a real supercar. Doing this would see the Porsche outdone. However, we don’t know if Tesla sees it this way; but we can confirm that the Roadster will definitely scour the earth with time.

Tesla Semi Truck

Another likely entry into Tesla’s EV list may be the heavy-duty hauler. Musk stated that their semi-truck would have an impact on the cargo transportation costs and at the same time offer enhanced safety and drive character. States with emission goals will fancy this product. In 2016, Nikola launched the electric semi-truck, and we suspect Tesla’s make will be somehow similar.

Tesla Shuttle

If Tesla’s electric minibus concept comes to fruition, then we’re likely to see it expand in size to have room for more passengers. This would be similar to an airport shuttle, employee transit, or city bus. With the utilization of wireless charging and lower battery price, it would attract a bigger market with fewer complications for the electric bus. As per the moment, Proterra is taking the leap into this market by introducing zero-emission public transit options.

Tesla Midsize Crossover

Tesla’s initial plan was to feature Model S, E, X, and Y. Spell it right and you’ll achieve what Musk was looking to bring to the electric car realm. Ford interfered with this plan by maintaining its “Model E” trademark, but that was some time back. Tesla now plans to come up with a Model Y which we expect to be a Model 3 crossover version. This one’s guaranteed, and given the current state of the US market, this model could outdo the car that it got its inspiration from.

Tesla Trash Truck

Ian Wright, one of the founders of Tesla created a company known as Wrightspeed which specialized in electrified work vehicles such as buses, trash trucks, and buses. With the rising population in urban areas, the need for clean, quiet garbage haulers will be on the rise. Musk hasn’t hinted anything regarding the trash trucks but we think this can be a great addition that can come after pickups and buses.

Self-Driving Compact Taxi

We might be charting unknown territory here, but don’t think about America only when talking about a self-driving compact taxi. Also, think about where small vehicles are quite necessary and more common due to high fuel prices. If an automaker was to reduce their midsize sedan and do away with the steering, such a model would make headlines (of course with low starting prices). If the supposed automaker had a humongous factory, this model would be even more appealing. Such cars would make a killing in the market with lower battery costs in countries with high populations.

Next Generation Model S

Regarding Model S, Tesla has been taking the tinkering role very seriously.  Few months can’t pass by without the company putting out improvements, updates or tweaks which make it kind of difficult to track. To this end, a redesign of the Model S has to be on the company’s to-do list in the future. The current version was one of Tesla’s almost-perfect creations but a case could always be made for a rendered frontend. Well, if you were thinking in that line, then chances are high that the genius company has something cooking up.

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