Galpin Auto Sports Shows Off Their Wide-body F-150 in Gulf Racing Colors

Published May 3, 2016

Often times, the world of cars and trucks is one full of compromise and exciting concepts that lead to decidedly more moderate results. Once in a while, though, a vehicle comes along that has an exciting concept behind it, that is impressive to look at, and has the ability to perform on a level that is nearly not street legal. Meet the Galpin Auto Sports Gulf Ford F-150.


The first things you’ll notice on this rig are the wheels and paint. The wheels, courtesy of ADV.1, stand at 20″ despite being dwarfed by the off-road tires. The paint job is the instantly recognizable gulf livery. This truck may only be racing from car show to car show, but the technology it displays can give your truck an edge over its competition on-road and off.


Up front is a clean mesh grille underscored by a rugged tube bumper and skid plate made to protect the supercharged V8 sitting in the engine bay. Pod lights help keep everything running even in low light, while a Full Race Motorsports front-mount intercooler, seen peeking through the grille, adds power through denser, colder air going into the engine.


Addictive Desert Designs contributed their Stage 3 suspension kit to the build, meaning that there are high-performance coil-overs in the front and performance shocks in the rear to increase ground clearance and suspension travel. The slightly leaned-back stance of the truck is reminiscent of a Baja racer.


Other performance add-ons include a 3-inch exhaust system and a set of gigantic brakes (16″ up front!) to keep everything in check when the time comes to actually slow down. The body was enhanced with an XTR body kit that widens the truck enough to tuck those big wheels even when the suspension bottoms out. The orange roll cage matches the front and rear tube bumpers nicely and makes room for even more lighting courtesy of Rigid Industries.


So, is this truck too much? Maybe. But it’s just the right amount of too much. It goes so far with its wild design that you can’t help but smile when you see it. The bright blue and orange of the Gulf livery fit this truck perfectly, in that regard.




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