Galpin-Fisker Designed Carbon Fiber “Rocket” Is a 725 HP 2015 Mustang

This Awesome Galpin And Fisker Mustang 725 Is An Absolute Rocket

Updated September 25, 2018

That’s right, Galpin Auto Sports and Fisker have been talking about The Rocket before it was revealed. They knew what they were talking about when they called it the ultimate muscle car. It’s a carbon fiber 2015 Mustang which boasts 725 horsepower and has had the exterior reworked by Fisker with a bit of inspiration from the 1968 Shelby GT500.

Galpin Fisker Mustang 1

The engine is powered by a Whipple Supercharger just like the 1966 Chevy Chevelle “Recoil” which we saw Ringbrothers bring to SEMA this year. Yet, it’s a different engine, The Rocket is a 5.0 liter v8 with a 6 speed manual tranny. The end result being a 725 horsepower Rocket.

Galpin Fisker Mustang 2

Many parts of the Mustang have been restyle such as skirts, spoiler, and rear diffuser to help produce more downforce along with the adjustable suspension which is good for a variety of conditions. The 21″ wheels are wrapped in Pirelli P-Zeros and stopped by a set of 15″ Brembo Grand Turismo Brakes.

Galpin Fisker Mustang 3

The roof and doors are the only part of the Rocket which have not been done in carbon-fiber and in the process of creating these panels they slightly widened the rear. They have also included dual air intakes on the hood and a front spliiter which are both said to help cool the monster Whipple supercharged V8 engine.

Galpin Fisker Mustang 4

There have been a lot of new factory edition and tuner mustangs present lately but The Rocket holds it’s own against any.

Galpin Fisker Mustang 5



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