GearHeads Interviews Hidalgo Mustang Owner

Updated February 18, 2016

Some of you might have seen this Mustang named Hidalgo as its video makes its way around. We at GearHeads decided to track down the owner in order to get some more information. The owner of this Mustang goes by the name of Torsten and although “Murican” ain’t his first language, he surely has a passion for American muscle, so much that he even decided to add an American flag to his livery.

What makes this Mustang special is the fact that it has a color changing wrap that simply takes a little heat or a cool touch to transform from a matte black finish to an work of art created by René Turrek.

This to me looks like the perfect ride in order to perform a bank heist. Park in the shade and getaway in the heat of the day. Still not good enough then park and peel the wrap.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 4.10.41 PM

GearHeads – Give us some background about how you got into being a “GearHead” and your passion for cars.

Torsten – I found “GearHead” on the internet. I looked at this page, and the articles, and I was absolutely thrilled!!
A Ford Mustang was more than 20 years a dream of mine, and 2 years ago, he has now come true!
I love my Mustang, my “Hidalgo”

GearHeads – How and why did you come up with this color changing livery?

Torsten – I met graffiti artist René Turrek by chance. He’s a cool man and his artwork and his amazing artwork is unique.
I said to myself: I want this art !!

GearHeads – What can you divulge about the paint scheme (wrap) and how is it affected by the elements. (Hot water, Cold water)

Torsten – On the hood of the car under the matt black finish is an American flag with stars and stripes, this extends over the entire car. And the passenger side features the outline of the Ford Mustang Emblem, the running horse. You now need warm temperature higher than 28 degrees Celsius, and then the artwork is visible. This can be heat by the sun, or hot water. When it then cools down, the Mustang is matt black again.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 4.11.02 PM

GearHeads – Is this something that could be done to a daily driving car or more reserved for show cars?

Torsten – Hmmmm… It is a daily driving car, you can drive it every day, but I do not want! 🙂 After my wife this is my greatest treasure!
That’s why I drive Hidalgo only in good weather. In bad weather, I drive a different car…

Gearheads – What gave you the idea to make a video and name your ride Hidalgo?

Torsten – This car garnered the name Hidalgo as a tribute to the Mustang in the novel and movie by the same name, by screenwriter John Fusco.

Gearheads – Do you think this color changing style will be something that will grow in popularity?
Torsten – I can not say. It is unique and also very expensive, what kind of car or what kind of art, it cost € 15,000 to € 30,000. ($16k-32k)
Gearheads – What plans do you have for Hidalgo and other customs in the future?
Torsten – I can not say exactly now. Maybe a few other wheels… Maybe a little more power. Although he already has 450 hp, there goes a little more! 🙂 We will see…




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