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GearHeads Introduces the Latest News on 2014 Cars

Published April 23, 2013

From the crazy mechanical minds behind comes the introduction of a website dedicated to the future of the automobile. From hybrid to horsepower, the automotive blogging nerds at GearHeads are diving in deep to extract the latest news from the auto industry. From looking at trends to social issues that affect our love for everything on two-four-six wheels. Whether you were outside making out with a tree just before you read this or you were lighting your cigarette off the flames emitted from your non-smog compliant vehicle, we have you covered. We actually report and you decide and then you can spend the next few hours debating other car enthusiasts in the comment section until one of you starts crying.


It is up to the professors at GearHeads to give you the reader a well rounded automotive education (Like what college was supposed to do) and make you laugh in the process. For our branch website we are going to report all the news for what progress and changes are being made to the industry and the vehicles. From such social issues like government involvement to economic growth and downturns we will report on what causes and effects are taking place. We will also be reporting on technological advancements taking place from carbon fiber components to more powerful and fuel efficient powertrains.


We love cars and trucks and for our new sister website we will be displaying all that you need to know in order to keep you informed and ready to destroy that asshole know-it-all at the office. Be sure to mark and as bookmarks because we are pretty sure that you won’t want to miss all the new and exciting content that will blow your mental gears apart. So as we see engineers and inventers perpetually recreating the wheel, means that we will be there to share the news with our readers. So get ready world for a plethora of automotive news and some very unorthodox car articles that will more than likely come off offensive. It’s just how we roll, efficient and powerful.


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