A Gearhead’s Look At Some Great Ebay Finds.

Updated September 29, 2015

Hey, let me ask a quick question if you don’t mind. How often do you come across some cool cars on Ebay, and wish that you had the money to buy them, and then drive along being happier than a pig in slop? Well, I know how you feel, and sometimes I wish for the same thing. That, and a few million dollars to just buy some really expensive shit, just for the sake of buying it. Well, in this segment we are going to look a few cars that have deemed as “Ebay Finds”, and see what they’re all about.


 First up is a car that never got the proper introduction to American life, and since the demise of Pontiac, it never will. I’m talking autowise.comabout the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck, but in this example we found it’s Australian counterpart the Holden Ute SS. This example has a few things going for it. One, it’s pretty much the only left hand drive Holden Ute to be recognized. Two, it has a GM/Chevy LS3 motor that’s supposed to have over 530Hp, and over 490 foot pounds of torque to the wheels. Lastly, it’s a pick-up for God’s sake!! Do you know how many grown men have been dying for a modern day El Camino to be a part of their lives? C’mon, you gotta agree that, that has to stand for a little something, don’t ya think? Anyway, the owner of this rare gem is based in the Netherlands, and he put his baby up for sale on Ebay, with the notion that he will “Ship It Anywhere”. That’s a pretty tall order if you ask me, but then again I’m not going from New York to the Netherlands for a test drive. Now with the release of Fast & Furious 6 on DVD, we’ve come across a car that wasn’t actually in the F & F movie that long, and as a matter of fact, it met with a horrible demise. In the Fast & Furious 4 movie, do you remember the short black guy who was in a race with Dom, and he was driving a Orange and Black BMW 5 Series? Well, it seems like someone in Oklahoma decided to let go of the only known replica to survive the movie. This BMW E39 is a rare Ebay find that kinds of answers the question of, “What happens to movie cars after filming?” As far as we know this car is still up for grabs, and it has a few goodies to go along with it. It’s listed as having a roll cage, drift brake, and the official story board as proof of it’s lineage. Who knows, if the reserve isn’t met this car could still be someone’s F & F chariot ride.

Our third entry for great Ebay finds is another vehicle that hails from autowise.comthe world of “Down Under”. A mid to late 1970’s extremely customized Ford Falcon XC Coupe has made it’s way to the world of Ebay auctions, and it’s presence is amazing. The Falcon XC Coupe is like no other in the world, simply because the builders wanted it that way. Everything from the air ride suspension, to the tubular chassis, all the way down to the custom, and ultra pristine paint work that this Falcon has been blessed with is simply amazing. As it stands, this SEMA Show, award winning vehicle is priced at a hefty $165,000 dollars, so if anything put this one on your Mega Millions Lottery Dream Car List. I know I did.   


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