Geely at the Beijing Show

Published April 23, 2010

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Geely had a mass array of cars on show at the Beijing Auto Show, only there was one problem: Not many of them are actual production cars. Usually at a car show, a manufacturer will deliver around five to six production models, and then possibly one or two concept cars, perhaps with one being a little more out there design wise than the other. But then again, Geely are not ones to follow traditional automotive rules though, this year they fielded 39 new concept cars.

Whilst the concept cars were not as whack and zany as say, SAICs Leaf, they were not actual production cars and they did encompass a massive array of vehicles from small off roaders, to MPVs to full on stretched limos and taxis! Each concept car had a little plaque next to it detailing where the car will be made in the future, and it seems that all of these models are getting made at one point or another.

From a public relations point of view, the Geely stand is a bit of a disaster. Usually the focal point of a companies stand is the new car launch, or a concept launch, but Geelys stand was an entire new range of cars leaving the amassed media looking in amazement at Geely gigantic stand that was without a center piece.

More 2010 Beijing Auto Show coverage over the weekend, including a break down of Geelys mega 2010-

2012 vision.

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