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Geely Crash Test – Zi You Jian – Free Vessel

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Were never too sure if to translate Chinese car names directly into English or just to leave them in Chinese, but Geelys Zi You Jian roughly translates into English as being Free Vessel or the Freedom Vessel wierd, eh? But I guess Geely thought it sounded good in Chinese.

Here are the crash test pictures taken from, the translation was done by China Car Times as usual.

On December 12th 2006 at the Chinese Car and Technology Research centers crash test laboratory, C-NAP, the body responsible for Chinese car safety successfully carried out a crash test on a Geely Zi You Jian automobile on all aspects of the cars outer shell. Representatives from the Geelys technology center and several different journalists were present to witness the test.

From the below picture, you can see that the A post (pillar between the drivers door and rear left hand side door) is rather weak, in the final analysis the speed of 50km is still rather low.

From the below picture you can see that both of the airbags opened as expected

Although in recent years Geely Automobiles has achieved great development and has obtained a lot of praise, passing this test makes us believe that Geely has a long road to travel down. Geely needs to change a lot of aspects of the cars safety, we believe that Geely, Chery etc will have promising futures but need to focus on passing every new challenge.



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