Geely ‘Death Vessel’

Published February 4, 2008

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The Geely Zi You Jian is a small sedan from Geely, its one of their newer designs, although were not sure of its correct English name, thus China Car Times refers to it as the Freedom Vessel which is pretty much its Chinese name translated to English.

The Freedom Vessel recently took part in a Russian crash test, and the results were not good, so bad in fact, that the Geely Freedom Vessel was renamed the Death Vessel and was awarded 0 stars.

Other Chinese companies have succesfully crash tested in Russia, including Lifan (5 stars) and the BYD F3 (unknown, rumored to be above 3)

The Chinese motoring press are saying the crash test was carried out by the Russian magazine, Automotive Review. Automotive review bought the car from a local dealer for just less than $12,000USD. The test was carried out at the Euro NCAP speed of 64kph, which is slightly faster than the local Russian standard of 53kph. Geely did not have any knowledge of the crash test.

In 2006, Geely sold 800 units of the Freedom Vessel to Russia, in 2007 Geely sold 8000 units, so its fair to say that Geely Freedom Vessel is popular in Russia, but will strong sales continue into 2008? We will wait and see.




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