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Geely Heading For The Hinterlands

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Chinese Car News, Geely Automobile | CCTMarch 29, 20078:47 pm

We at China Car Times think Geely is onto quite a good thing the east of China has already developed pretty well and the car market is starting to become a little saturated, dont get us wrong, China Car Times still sees a lot of growth in this market. Geely are heading west into the Chinese inland provinces which are also prospering but not at the same rate as the east coast, Geely has a potentially huge market thats a big neglected by the other big names:

Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd said yesterday it has set up two joint ventures with a sister company to build and sell economy cars in inland provinces where labor costs are low and sales are just beginning to take off.

In a notice to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Chinese mainland auto maker said the ventures were planned to tap continued strong growth in demand for fuel-efficient and easy-to-maintain economy sedans, according to The Associated Press.

Geely Automobile, based in Zhejiang Province near Shanghai, said it plans to spend US$75 million on each of the ventures to be built in central Chinas Hunan Province and in Gansu, in the northwest.

The Hunan venture will be 53.19 percent owned by Zhejiang Haoqing, a Geely subsidiary, and 46.81 percent owned by Centurion Industries Ltd, a holding company registered in the British Virgin Islands that is wholly owned by Geely.

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  1. Warren2 says:March 30, 2007 at 4:44 pm

    Antonov signs gearbox production licence with Geely
    The board of Antonov plc is delighted to announce that it has signed a production licence agreement with Zhejiang Geely Automobile Gearbox Co., the transmission manufacturing subsidiary of Geely Automotive (Geely). This follows the announcement on 27 November 2006 that Geely and Antonov had signed heads of agreement for the licence, which is for the production of the companys TX6 six-speed automatic transmission.
    Under the licence, Geely will have the non-exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and sell transmissions covered by the Antonov 6-speed automatic patents and will also receive design support from Antonov.

    Antonov will receive licence fees totalling Euro 900,000 payable over the next nine months and then a production royalty on each transmission produced.

    Geely is one of Chinas leading automotive companies and is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange and currently produces around 200,000 cars per annum and continues to grow strongly. Both companies will be working together to incorporate the TX6 into a number of models with production commencing in 2008.

    Geely has already taken two models of conventional automatic transmission to production and the Antonov TX6 will be an addition to this model line-up. The transmission will also be available to other vehicle makers worldwide.

    John Moore, CEO of Antonov plc, said: I am very pleased to be able to confirm this licence agreement. Geely has a strong track record in developing transmissions and their experience and established infrastructure will allow us to bring our technology to production rapidly. China is a key market for our technology and Geely provides an excellent customer reference site, which will underpin our commercialisation strategy in the region.

    Mr An Conghui, vice president of Geely Automotive, said: Geely is delighted to have secured the Antonov TX6 licence which in turn has strengthened our transmission product range and enabled us to bring to market a vehicle which will incorporate Antonov technology delivering a compact and cost effective solution. We look forward to working with the Company closely as we move towards volume production in 2008.

    Antonov Unveils First Two Speed Supercharger
    Text & Photos courtesy Antonov plc

    Worlds first enters series production
    The worlds first two speed supercharger drive system to enter series production will be demonstrated by Antonov, the automotive technology company, at the Engine Expo exhibition at Stuttgart in Germany next week. The following week, the racing driver Peter Kox will demonstrate the technology at the Zandvoort race circuit in the Netherlands.

    And see the results:
    To see this supurb Antonov supercharger in action goto: Good movies with big sound s

    Antonov has given on the 16th and 17th may 2006 a demonstration with a Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet 1.8 ltr. Both cars where build with a combined Rotrex/Antonov AMM 2-speed step up supercharger.

    On the URL above all movies who are made at race circuit Zandvoort (The Netherlands) concerning the driving performance off both cars.

    Then folder foto & film Galerie
    Then folder AVA 2006

    And more: (discussions about the Antonov technology) (About all the Antonov patents and historie of the Antonov company and much more information).
    The Antonov Lambourghini:

    Also a lot of detailed pictures of this combined Rotrex/Antonov supercharger with the Antonov AMM 2-speed set up module.
    In 31 oktober 2006 it will be demomstrated at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Very good movie!!!!
    There is also a
    Here we have all kind of discussions about this Antonov technology. (About all the Antanov patents and historie of the Antonov company and much more information).
    The Antonov Lambourghini:


  2. Warren2 says:August 1, 2007 at 4:56 am

    The dream of Chinas Li Shufu.

    A Geely car for everyone

    It is a wonderfull documentation of the Car industrie of China. For 60% this documentation is going about LI SHUFU and HIS Geely. (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (part 7) (part (part 9)


    • dragin says:August 1, 2007 at 9:15 pm

      Great (in a nutshell) overview of Chinas dynamic auto industry development! Thanks for sharing it with us Warren2.


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