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Geely’s MEGA PLANS for the Beijing Car Show

Published April 10, 2010

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With the Beijing Auto Show right upon us, we can always rely on Geely Auto to blow us away with a massive array of cars, this year is no different to last year with Geely planning to show an impressive 59 cars, ranging from the super small to the impressively big. Geely needs around two and half years to turn a concept into a production car, so its not entirely likely that the  below cars will be put into production but these cars do go some way to show that Geely are serious about their car designs and their ability to put pen to canvas.

There is no mistake here, Geely really does plan to put the majority, if not all of these cars on display in Beijing, their hunger to become a world automaker really does know no bounds, hence their take over of Volvo Auto and also DSI Transmissions.

As there are so many cars, weve had to split this article into three different sections to cover Geelys massive increase in brands, which currently encompass Englon this will be a premium brand and will incorporate the London cab, Emgrand which is Geelys luxury brand, âGlobal Eagle these are cars that Geely plans to sell on the international market, and GE brand, which actually stands for Geely Excellence.

Part Two The Emgrand Overview What will Geely be adding to its in house luxury brand?

Part Three The Geely Global Eagle Overview Geelys planning to go global, but will they be acceptable?

Part Four The Englon Overview Geelys economy brand, complete with a new London taxi.




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