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Get yourself a Jeep 2500 for only 100,000RMB

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

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Bei Qi Autos, a company that has long been in a joint venture agreement with the iconical American SUV maker Jeep. Beijing Autoworks and the then AMC hooked up in 1984, production continued even after Chrsyler bought out AMC. For over 20 years the design of the Jeep Cherokee has not changed much, except for slight alterations to the front grill and headlights. The Cherokee is still made in Beijing, except it is named the 2500. Bei Qi makes its own version of the Jeep, as with many joint venture automobile companies in China, the domestic partner gets to produce an offshoot carbon copy of the original vehicle Think of the Xia Li/Toyota joint venture. Xia Li sells the Toyota superminis under the Xia Li brand alongside the Toyota variants. The above Bei Qi Qi Shi literally meaning the Cavalry is expected to be on the market between March and April and the starting price will be just 100,000RMB or $12,906USD.



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