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Giacomo Agostini’s MV Agusta 500 GP Racer Is Going To Auction!

The Giacomo Agosstine MV Agusta 500 Goes Under The Hammer In Italy

Updated August 21, 2018

Now, it’s only a replica, but since many of us will never own a genuine GP racer – or even an MV Agusta for that matter – this is an incredibly rare opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Well, if you’ve got around $270k sitting idle in your wallet, that is.

MV Agusta 500 GP 1

Giacomo Agostini is one the most celebrated motorcycle racer of all time, but despite his individual success, his motorcycles have also become icons in their own right. This particular model is one of six finely crafted replicas, engineered and built by original HRT mechanics. The motorcycles were built specifically to honor Agostini’s incredible seven successive titles in the 500cc World Championship competitions. As a tribute to one of the greatest (if not the greatest) motorcycle racers of all time, MV HRT built six special replicas of Agostini’s 1972 GP racing machine.

The Giacomo Agostini MV Agusta 500 Racer!

MV Agusta 500 GP 2

Naturally, it’s not a full blown GP racer – that would be crazy. However, MV HRT engineered the replicas to be as close to the original 1972 racer as possible. It still comes equipped with a fierce 500cc three cylinder engine, 1970s Ceriani GP forks, and a 230 mm drum brake at the front. On top of that, the MV Agusta GP500 replica includes 18 inch spoked wheels from Borrani, and a fiberglass molded seat upholstered in leather. Oh yeah, and you get that awesome vintage racer fairing, which is worth every cent of the estimated price.

MV Agusta 500 GP 3

Some things aren’t authentic, however. A lot has changed from the 70s to the present day, and some of the good old gear is no longer available. Instead, the builders have included some more modern parts to compensate, such as the Avon tires and the more modern Dell’orto carbs. One thing that is 100% is Giacomo Agostini’s signature, which adorns the fairing, and the letter of authenticity that will come with your purchase.

MV Agusta 500 GP 4

The auction will be hosted by RM Sotheby’s, and will take place at Lake Como (Italy) on the 27th of May at 6pm local time. If you want to buy this piece of motorcycling iconography, then be prepared to pay between €200,000 and €250,000…that’s between around $217,000 to $271,000. A pretty penny for sure, but come on, this would look fantastic in your garage.

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