Gibbs Terraquad Amphibian Is Basically Walking On Water

The Terraquad Is A Practical Amphibious Vehicle…If Such A Thing Exists!

Updated October 4, 2018

Ever since the Quadski I’ve been paying a bit of attention to Gibbs Sports. They have broken some major ground and merged the world between off-roading toys and cruisy water sport vehicles by creating a (newish) line of “Amphibian” vehicles.


There are currently three vehicles in production, the Biski, Triski and Quadski. Though slightly self explanatory here’s a breakdown. The Biski has 2 wheels and serves as a motorbike, the Triski (3 wheels) and the newest, a Quadski – with 4 wheels. All that can literally be driven right into the water instantly changing into an above-water vehicle. The Quadski now has a model, the Terraquad which is the first of it’s kind offering side by side seating, a rollbar and a waterproof storage section for your belongings to stay dry.

Terraquad 2

Though I will say that they aren’t the most attractive vehicles, there is something so amazingly futuristic about an almost purposeful shapeshifting vehicle that gives us a glimpse into the evolving world of motorcraft.


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