Girfalco Azkarra Looks Like A Reskinned Slingshot Only With Electric Power

Published December 8, 2016

Do you want a car looking almost exactly as the Polaris Slingshot for almost three times the price? If yes, then a new Canadian startup called the Girfalco Limited crafted just the thing. They have recently revealed first renderings of the car they tend to produce – the Azkarra. It is an electric three-wheeler quick as a hypercar. Two versions will be available – Azkarra and Azkarra S. Both electric, with the cheaper (without the S obviously) getting one engine for the rear wheel. More expensive one (costing almost four times as the cheapest Slingshot) has three engine – one for each wheel.


Now, the major difference between the Azkarra and the Slingshot isn’t the price or the propulsion system. It is their weight. While the official Slingshot curb weight stands at 1,750 lbs, the Girfalco reported the Azkarra will tip the scales at 1,058 lb (1,124 pounds for the Azkarra S). So, beside the electric propulsion and the sheer speed of the Azkarra S, Girfalco will probably try to justify the price by stating they have built the thing out of some exotic materials. Obviously, we mean carbon fiber, magnesium, and aluminum when we say exotic. After all, asking for $51k for an Azkarra and for $73k for the Azkarra S, which are kind of “Sunday-drive cars”, bears some weight.


The company did not reveal much data about the cars. We do not know who will build them, where, how or is there going to be any sort of dealership and service system. We know the Canadians did limit the production to 100 units, with first 25 scheduled to be built next year. The car looks cool, no question there and considering the data we have, it may be more than entertaining. Even the non-S version with one e-motor developing continuous 72hp (peaking at 100 hp in short bursts) can accelerate it to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. The S, on the other hand, has three engines – one for each wheel and it is capable of hitting 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.


Now, the S is particularly interesting. With three engines, real-time torque vectoring and peak 300 hp (217 continuous), it should be a blast to drive. With direct drive connection between the wheels and the motor, the response should be instant in any situation. This goes to say that the Azkarra S may be more than a match for the Slingshot. Hell, it could be a match even for the best Caterhams or KTM X-Bows. And all this with electric power only.


Unfortunately, the company did not release any data about the batteries except that one charge will last for 124 miles. Also, with Level 3 quick charger, one could recharge 80 percent of capacity in just half of an hour. Considering its low weight and small footprint, it may even be possible to achieve these range numbers.


As of now, everything is still in the air. The Québec-based company does have the intention to start production in January 2017. Yet, they have remained somewhat secretive even in the mail they have sent to some media outlets.


“Based in Boucherville, Québec, Girfalco’s design team has spared no effort under the direction and inspiration of Simon Luc Bouchard, Girfalco’s CEO, to design a vehicle that rivals the most beautiful vehicles on the road today. The Azkarra combines classicism and modernity in what can be considered as a big step forward within the three-wheel vehicle industry, surpassing the competition in every point.”

So, we’ll wait for January.

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