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GM Crate Engines – LT4 VS 572 – You Decide

572 Or LT4 Crate Engine? Which One Would You Choose?

Performance crate engines, like many fine whiskey batches, have become better and better with the years. Now anyone who has the money to throw at these engines can place the thunderous behemoths in whatever small space they can fit them in. Have you ever seen a dog try to mate with a cat? Same principle.

What Is Your Purpose ?

Since one size does not fit all, companies are delivering a slew of crate engines in all different formats. Supercharged to super-sized displacements, these engines are ready to move that rust bucket of yours down the 1320 or around those orange cones as soon as you shoehorn that beast in there. Problem is, we seem to be spoiled for choice.

Featherweight Or Heavyweight?

Do you go for a lightweight LT4 pushing out 650+ hp from a 376 cu. in. Gen V aluminum block? Or, pick the 727+ hp, 572 cu. in. tall deck cast iron beast that weighs approx 200 lbs (or more) in weight before all the dressings?

There Is No Replacement For Displacement

There is no replacement for displacement. This is true yet again as the dyno figures show a slow and steady curve of both power and torque for the 572 whereas the LT4 has to come onto boost before it really starts to induce pant pooping tendencies. The 572 delivers a mass of torque (600+ ft-lb) at only 3500 rpm and the horsepower comes on in a nice and steady manner.

Daily Driver Or Holy Diver?

The LT4 is a forced induction and lightweight setup that can deliver you reasonable drivability on a daily basis and get better fuel economy than that Honda  Civic wanting to race. The 572 simply scares others away as it breathes in air and fuel from the 1150-cfm Dominator carb like a fat girl at a pie eating contest. You might as well buy an oil well with this engine.

What Would You Do?

So what is your choice and why? We want to hear from you, why because we care. Actually, we just want a comment riot to break out so we can read them and laugh.

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