GMC Gets Rebellious with the New Sierra All Terrain X

Updated February 12, 2016

GMC is on the verge of renovating several of its models. One of the biggest transformations will be with the GMC Sierra line-up. Following up the refreshed for 2016 looks, GMC brought forth the Sierra Denali Ultimate for those who wanted more premium than the standard Denali. Now, GMC has decided that premium pickup buyers might also want function, off-road capability, and rugged looks. Cue the 2017 GMC Sierra All Terrain X.

Courtesy GMC Press Release


GMC’s standard All Terrain package includes items like 4WD with a locking rear diff, Z71 off-road package, and a spray-on bedliner. However, they decided that this wasn’t good enough for their buyers.  The new All Terrain X will include these items, but also get a few more goodies to make it look as capable as it is.

Sierra side

So what does this X package do for the consumer? Let’s start with the wheels. 18×8.5” black aluminum wheels are wrapped in 265/65R18SL Mud-Terrain Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac MT tires. Add on a bunch of black accents like side-steps, mirrors, belt-moldings, b-pillars, and a black sport bar mounted to the bed topped with LEDs. Contrast that black with body color door handles and side moldings along with some interior floor liners. Finally, it is topped off with performance exhaust which boosts the power output by 10hp.


For the consumer looking for a premium truck that has off-road capability, the regular Sierra All Terrain will get you where you need to go. However, if you want to have the capability and LOOK like you belong off the pavement then maybe the All Terrain X is for you. There isn’t much else to say about the X package for the GMC Sierra. It’s just a regular Sierra All Terrain with beefier treads and dark accents, but it sure does look good!

Pricing and Availability Spring 2016.


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