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a look at Google's year in search report

Google Publishes Top Searched Auto Brands of 2017

A Look at the Most Searched Auto Brands by Consumers for the Year Ending 2017.

Published December 22, 2017

a look at Google's year in search report

At the end of each year, Google publishes a nifty report (the Year in Search Report) which lists various subjects of all types and shows how the items of each subject rank.  The ranking of the report is based on number of searches.  Since the automotive niches are extremely popular and searched on Google, it was naturally part of this year-end report.

Google’s report proves to be pretty useful and insightful, making people, analysts, and the auto brands themself use the results as a kind of a scorecard.  Most of the results of this year’s searches are not a surprise as you’ll see:

Dodge Hellcat SRT power

Ranked #10 is Dodge – Dodge finally made it on Google’s top 10 searched list in 2017.  Dodge most likely made it onto the list after receiving quite a bit of attention for their new Challenger SRT Demon which is equipped with the most powerful V8 motor and quickest 0-60 mph acceleration than any other production car available.

2018 Hyundai Genesis

Ranked #9 is Hyundai – Hyundai seems to be gaining more and more attention each year – probably because of their excellent warranties and increased reputation of being very dependable cars, while also being affordable.  Their Genesis models have also been grabbing quite a bit of attention as of lately too.

Teslas new Roadster scores search points

Ranked #8 is Tesla – It’s no surprise that Tesla is in the top 10 list once again.  The company seems to continue to break the barriers of innovation.  However, Tesla has experienced some serious production issues this year which could have contributed in their drop from the #3 position last year to #8 this year.  Despite the large amount of negative attention that Tesla has received over the past year, their 2nd generation Roadster model has been a huge hit with consumers of all types.

New Accura TLX

Ranked #7 is Acura – Acura’s 2017 TLX has won plenty of awards this year, which has definitely contributed to their attention throughout the web.

Buick bringing back style

Ranked #6 is Buick – Buick scored very high in Consumer Reports’ 2017 Annual Reliability Survey, now making it the 3rd most reliable car brand.  Buick has also brought a lot of great new style into their mix, which the auto company has been due for over the last couple of decades.

Honda accord searches

Ranked #5 is Honda – While the company isn’t in the most favorable positon for the future (like they once were), the Pilot, Accord, and Civic models have continued to be highly discussed and searched on the internet.

Ever Popular Toyota Camry

Ranked #4 is Toyota – Toyota continues to receive high reliability scores in 2017.  The Camry and Tacoma model also continue to remain two of the most popular vehicles in the world.  Toyota also featured many great concept models this year, sparking a lot of consumer interest going into 2018, including a model featuring airless tires.

Kias new Stinger

Ranked #3 is Kia – Another company that sparked plenty of interest throughout the automotive communities was Kia, whom continues to bring high-quality vehicles at very affordable prices.  Kia also seems to be doing well of designing models that pretty much all types of customers like.

New Lexus luxury sport car

Ranked #2 is Lexus – Toyota and Lexus trends have traditionally followed each other somewhat closely, which makes it no surprise that it’s ranked on top once again.  Lexus’ leap in popularity is most likely a result of interest in their new hybrid option.  The company has also launched a great variety of luxurious sport car models like the new LC and LS.

Ford Raptor pickup truck

Ranked #1 is Ford – It’s been quite a while since Ford has even made an appearance on the top 10 list (2014 was the company’s last appearance).  However, it’s been a huge year for Ford.  The company introduced a ton of new popular concepts like the new Explorer and F-150 Raptor and VelociRaptor 6×6.  Ford also received swarms of attention with their pickup truck/SUV lines, and generated tons of search volume with their new Mustang improvements.  If they keep up the momentum, they’re likely to keep this position next year as well.




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