Google Street View Car Motorcycle Crash 2

Rider Gets Caught Out By Google Street View Car!

This Unlucky Motorcyclist Got Caught Out By The Sudden Appearance Of A Google Street View Car!

Published December 8, 2017

Next time you’re out in the twisties and spy the Google Street View car coming your way, give it a wide berth…or end up like this guy. After this picture showed up on radar, we did a little research, and found out that motorcycle accidents within the immediate vicinity of a Google Street View car aren’t nearly as rare as you’d think. Take that as a word of warning, but until your next spotting of the elusive Google cars, enjoy this poor soul’s accident, which has been immortalized on Google Street View in Japan.

Google Street View Car Motorcycle Crash 2

Watch Out For Those Google Street View Cars!

Google Street View Car Motorcycle Crash

This unlucky Japanese rider was having a great ride, ripping through the narrow corners until the little Google wagon appeared from around a blind corner. Unfortunately, the appearance of the Google Street View car came as a bit of a shock, and it seems that the rider panicked and threw down the anchors a little too hard. You could argue that the rider shouldn’t have been going so fast around such a narrow road, but you could also argue that the Google Street View Car is probably the most unexpected thing to come around a quiet blind mountain corner. But whatever happened, happened and thankfully Google managed to capture this wonderful moment for us to enjoy for the rest of time. Luckily, it looks like the rider managed to reduce speed quite dramatically before hitting the storm drain, and by all accounts, it seems like the unlucky motorcyclist managed to walk away with minor injuries.


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