Grandpa in a Hellcat May be the Best Video We’ve Seen All Year

Watch as These Youngsters get Taught a Thing or Two by a Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Updated August 20, 2018

I haven’t watched a video that’s made me laugh like this in a long time because it’s both entirely relatable and completely unexpected. We’ve all been there, cruising down the street in your friend’s car thinking you’re hot stuff. Your buddy (or maybe even you) thinks he can take on anyone and wants to poke fun with some Subarus and Mustangs.

You both spot a nice car, or maybe one appears in traffic. As a car guy, you want to check it out; maybe you hear a little gurgle from the exhaust that gets you going, and you instantly become interested in only that car.

Highway Rolls

Well, that’s exactly what happened to this pair of friends when they were out and about in a C6 Corvette. In true Gearhead fashion, we see the initial intrigue of the pair when the Hellcat Challenger pulls up alongside them, which is then multiplied when the SRT hits the gas and pulls on them. “There’s no way,” we hear the driver say.

From there, it’s bound to be a game of cat and mouse. When you’ve got two cars like this next to each other, you just have to go for it. Those are like, the rules.

Pull Up

The C6 driver starts taunting the Hellcat, “here kitty kitty,” in hopes of starting a race. From the passenger, we hear, “I don’t think he’ll run,” to which our hero driver responds on the contrary with, “I bet you he will,” ever eager to prove his friend wrong. And that he did.

It’s not too much longer after that where we see the two lining up on the highway for what appears to be 60-rolls.

Thumbs Up

To be honest, it was never even a fair fight. The good news though, is that we get an absolutely awesome soundtrack for this video. It’s set to the tune of over 1,000 combined horsepower and the brutally sweet whistle of that Hellcat supercharger. The older gentleman behind the wheel takes it a step further and shows us that driving in a straight line isn’t the only thing he’s good at.

Check out the full video below before we spoil anything for you:

Perhaps my favorite thing about this whole clip is how nonchalant the gentleman driving the Hellcat is about the whole thing. When the C6 finally pulls up alongside him to compliment the car, the driver responds with a simple, “it runs alright,” before busting a drift back onto the highway.

That right there is a man that knows exactly what he’s doing. Take notes, kids.



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