Great Wall Peri, the best Chinese car of 08!

Published January 11, 2008

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We know we know, its barely gone 2008 and weve already decided that the coolest car of 08 is the Great Well Peri we have to wait until what we can see at the Beijing show in the next few months before we decide properly, but the Peri is just magic, and costing only 50,380rmb, were sure it will have plenty of takers.

The Peri was the reason for a legal spat between Great Wall Motors and Fiat over Fiats claim that Peri is a clone of a Fiat model.

Autohome, a Chinese motoring site recently reviewed the Peri and seemed to like it.The Peri seems jam packed full of storage space, and seems very well thought out for a car at its price! The 1.3 engine is a Mitsubishi sourced job self developed engine from Great Wall, paired to a 5 speed manual gearbox. Check out the pictures below to enjoy the Great Wall Peri.

The Peri measures 3.5m long, 1.5m wide, and 1.5m tall, thats not the best bit of all, check out the photos below.

And there you have it, probably the best car of 08 in 50 pictures or less. Thanks to for taking and publishing the pictures.




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