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Great Wall Wingle Six Gives a Handsome Face to an Old Rocker

Published April 22, 2013

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Great Walls series of trucks have won them fans from Australia to the UK and everywhere in between, it seems there is still a strong demand for low cost trucks that can take a hammering. Toyota used to dominate this segment but Toyota went up market and Great Wall found the perfect niche for the disposable truck. The Wingle name might sound a little girly for a manly vehicle which is why they have become known as Steeds in the UK, but this hasnt stopped the latest Wingle 6 from carrying a handsome new face in Shanghai.

The Wingle 6 offers diesel and petrol engines with RWD and AWD options, sadly only four cylinders and manual options are available right now but that is expected to change either in late 2013 or early 2014 with the introduction of a full size truck meant for international markets which has every mans checklist checked off V6, automatic, low cost and ready to roll. If the future product looks as good as the Six, well have to think about it.




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