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Greatwall sales up 87.6% in first half

Published July 12, 2010

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Greatwall announced today that its year on year sales for the first half of the year were up an amazing 87.6%, whilst the rest of the market appeared to have suffered slightly in June, Greatwall continued on strong.

In the first half of the year, Greatwall Motors (GWM) sold 72,000 of the flagship Hover series of SUV which accounted for 12% of the market share and an increase of Hover sales by an impressive 158.9% year on year.

In the small car segment, which GWM has only just joined, GWMs recently launched Teng Yi series of cars sold an impressive 51,000 units and pick up truck sales stood at 59,000 units and took 27.1% of the market, a growth of 54%.

GWM is one of Chinas larger exporters of automobiles, if not the largest, and up until the end of June GWM exported 30,000 vehicles which is an increase of 51% over last year. From May to June alone GWM exported 3200 vehicles of which the Hover series accounted for 2001 vehicles and small cars accounted for 900 vehicles, the M1 alone accounted for 300 sales. The biggest export market for GWM are currently Italy, Australia, Egypt, Mali, and Syria.




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