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Guangzhou Auto Show to see launch of new MG3

Published November 23, 2010

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MG3 – SAIC’s worst kept secret

The MG3 is coming, like it or not MG fans. The new MG styling appears to have split the MG camp right down the middle, on one side you have the ear hair brigade that walk around stamping in puddles proclaiming anything built after the MG Midget is not a real MG at all, and then you have the other sensible camp that is quite looking forward to seeing the MG marque rise from the ashes once again. The MG3 is the second new MG after the recently launched MG6 to hit the line up and looks like it might just be the most popular model and will certainly give the small car segment here in China (and Europe) a fright when it launches.

The MG3 is based on the MG Zero concept that we saw earlier this year at the Beijing Auto Show and once again at the TopGear MPH show in London earlier this month. We managed to get a quick chat with the lead designer, Tony Williams, who confirmed that all rumors about the MG3 being Fiat based are utter rubbish. The MG3 will launch with a 1.5L engine to start with although a smaller displacement engine as well as a turbo assisted model are expected to join the line up ASAP.

One question remains Do SAIC only have the one or two MG3 road testers? It seems we see this yellow MG3 quite often!

MG3 SAICs worst kept secret




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