Gullwing America Ferrari F340 Competizione

Take A Look At The Gorgeous Gullwing Amercia Ferarri F340 Competizione

Updated September 27, 2018

First revealed in 2011, Gullwing America’s Ferrari F340 Competizione continues to awe anyone who comes near. This one-of-a-kind creation pays tribute to a Ferrari racing classic – the 1952 Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlineta – of which only three were ever produced. So, Gullwing’s F340 Competizione isn’t just a restoration job; it’s a truly custom creation designed with the inspiration of a limited edition using the closest pieces that could be found.

This new(er) Ferrari F340 Competizione is actually 15 inches longer than the car to which it pays homage; this is due to Gullwing using a Ferrari 456 platform for its model. The actual frame was hand-worked from aluminum by the talented Australian Mark Nungent. Stylistically, the final product looks a lot like the three 340 Berlinetas made specifically for the 1953 Carrera Panamericana race, but Nungent added a few features like side vents, front splitters, rear spoiler, and a diffuser. Tweaks to the interior include chronometers, carbon fiber seats, and a roll bar.

The Gullwing America Ferrari F340 Competizione isn’t just designed to look good; it’s meant to have race car performance. Beneath the hood, this custom car has a 5.4-L V12 engine with 470 hp paired with an original six-speed manual transmission. Its free-flow air filters and bespoke exhaust system make significant contributions as well. Gullwing also outfitted the Ferrari F340 Competizione with various racing-specific parts, such as competition-spec brakes and suspension.

Ferrari F340 1

Ferrari F340 2

Ferrari F340 3


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