Hagwalah or The Saudi Drift

Getting To Grips With The Saudi Drift

Updated October 21, 2018

All the rage right now in Saudi Arabia is what’s known as Hagwalah aka The Saudi Drift. This brings reckless driving to new and unimaginable heights. There are so many ridiculous and outrageously dangerous aspects about this death sport its hard to really know where to begin.

Saudia Arabia Drifiting – The Hagwalah

Saudi Drift

This is what’s involved. Take a car. Any car. Doesn’t matter. Get in that car and bring along 2 or 3 passengers. The more the merrier. Whatever you do, don’t put on your seatbelt. Find a fairly busy roadway and pick up as much speed as you can. Then intentionally over steer to send your car into a high speed drift. The momentum of this drift will continue back and forth down the road. Want to up the stakes? Try drifting around cars in your way. Try drifting through an intersection and blend back into traffic. Try drifting as close as possible past pedestrians looking on in horror from the sidewalk. Have your passengers hang out open windows fist pumping as your car screams from one speed drift into another. Or have them fire off rounds from their automatic AK-47 while they’re at it. If you really want to go crazy try this stunt with a full bus. In fact the more you recklessly endanger the lives of not only yourself and your passengers but also innocent unsuspecting bystanders the better. This is all according to the non-rules of the death sport otherwise known as Hagwalah.

Go ahead, Youtube it right now. It madness to watch. It’s exciting, no doubt. But it also makes you want to kick their disrespectful dumb asses for their irresponsible abandonment and endangering the lives of all those around them. And that is what is truly and unimaginably insane about this death sport. Because for the few doing this that possess mad driving skills there are a dozen more that don’t. And they hit other cars, they lose control of their car and destroy it with all their non seatbelt wearing idiot passengers flying out of the car like ragdolls. There’s footage of bystanders being hit and critically injured. One man recently was arrested and sentenced to death by beheading for engaging in this sport and killing two people. And of course with any sport comes the eager spectator. But Saudi Drifting brings a new meaning to spectator’s sport.  And if anything goes wrong and someone gets hit, they are simply asking for it. They stand there roadside watching these cars drifting towards them on the sidelines, showing full trust in the drivers questionable ability to keep it from plowing through them like meat sacks.

The question is will this death sport find its way to American streets? Chances are the answer is yes. There are just way too many bored youth looking for a cheap thrill. And surely they’ll want to show up some Saudi kids. Show them how to do some Death Wish Drifting the way it’s meant to be done.

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