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Hamann BMW M4 F82 – Is It Worth The Price?

This Hamann BMW Is A Powerful Beast But Is It An Investment Worth Making?

Updated September 26, 2018

BMW M4 is a beautiful German beast that hit the market in the fall of 2014. With a starting price going over $90,000, the car came with similar specifications in different body style variants. Both the convertible and the coupe carry the same 431HP engine, which is also used on the M3 saloon model. Of course, there are some major differences between them, but the general performance was too good to be changed. All in all, the new M4 came as a completion to the M3 generation. The physical upgrade underlines more curvy lines, as well as a more aggressive front. The result gained a lot of popularity overnight. As if all these were not enough, the new vehicle is so well balanced that Hamann has also decided to give it a shot and work on it a little.

hamann bmw m4 f82

Hamann Motorsport is the official tuning company behind BMW. When Germans come in to upgrade other Germans’ cars, you know that they can almost reach perfection with the high engineering and innovations. Once again, the tuner did not fail on its fans, but surprised them with an even more aggressive beast. The new Hamann BMW M4 F82 might look slightly different from the original version, but the tuning numbers are impressive. Initially, Hamann Motorsport released a few pictures and some wide specifications only. There was nothing official until the car came out. No performance changes were mentioned either. But fortunately for the enthusiasts, every single performance related element of this car went through an upgrade.

hamann bmw m4 f82 Front II

Just like other models from the same tuning company, Hamann BMW M4 F82 was enhanced with aftermarket elements and tuning talents. Both the design and performance were worked on. When it comes to the actual appearance, the team worked on the aerodynamics first. A huge rear wing comes in for extra stability. The hood was also upgraded, while the new one came with a built in air scoop. The roof is entirely made of carbon fiber, while the front splitter adds to the final result. The rear could not be ignored either. A new diffuser was installed, only to successfully accommodate the four tailpipes enriching the new exhaust.

hamann bmw m4 f82 Side II

The exhaust is not the only performance related element of Hamann BMW M4 F82. The suspension was also worked on, while ceramic brakes enhance the functionality and control. As for the engine, the twin turbo engine no longer produces 431HP, but 517HP, which is around 20% more. The new alloy wheels match the car perfectly, while a few extra accessories on the inside increase the level of customization. The German tuning company has also released a presentation regarding its new Hamann BMW M4 F82, yet the accent was mostly put on the overall artistic design, rather than the performance. It comes in a similar, yet more stylish color than the original M4. Perhaps Hamann could have used a unique selection to make differences even more obvious.

hamann bmw m4 f82 Side

In the end, Hamann BMW M4 F82 might be an aggressive masterpiece, indeed. But at the same time, the beast costs around $160,000, so it becomes an actual investment.



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