Harley-Davidson Dyna ‘Urban Cavalry’ by Rough Crafts

If You Want A Harley That Looks This Good, You’ve Got To Pay The Rough Crafts Price!

Updated September 26, 2018

Rough Crafts Harley 1

To most people the 2014 Dyna Street Bob looked like an average Harley motorcycle, but Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts saw it as what it really was – wasted potential. The Dyna Street Bob has the power that most motorcycle fanatics would love yet needed that extra push. Yeh and his company Rough Crafts decided to do the bike justice and give it some new life in the form of the Harley-Davidson Dyna ‘Urban Cavalry’ by Rough Crafts.


Body and Design:

Rough Crafts Harley 2

Rough Crafts stays to its root in the Urban Cavalry by giving the bike a murdered out black design that is contrasted with a titanium exhaust. The Harley-Davidson Dyna ‘Urban Cavalry’ by Rough Crafts modifies the fork of the original Harley Davidson, infusing it with the Satya Kraus upside down Kawasaki forks. With safety and high speeds in mind Rough crafts has also removed the original breaking system and installed their own custom breaks that should stop the bike in seconds even at high speeds. The new breaks include a 6 piston caliper that is mated to a rotor.


Internal Specs and Performance:

Rough Crafts Harley 3

the Harley-Davidson Dyna ‘Urban Cavalry’ by Rough Crafts has kept the performance almost untouched because Taiwanese laws (they are based in Taiwan)  states that vehicle engines cannot be changed by tuners. In any case we still get a very powerful ride.  The engine is a twin cam 103 engine that has 1690cc engine displacement.  The transmission of the bike is a 6 speed cruise drive. Riders should expect to get 99 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm and 70 horse power.  In terms of weight Rough Crafts has not released much info however, the original bike was 670 lb of dry weight and with the modifications to reduce weight we should expect at least 50 pounds lower. The bore and stroke of the bike is 98.4 mm x 111.1 mm with a wheel base of 64.2 inches.  The fuel economy of the bike is 43 mpg with a fuel tank holding 4.7 gallons which makes it great for long trips.

Rough Crafts Harley 4

If you are looking for a bike that not only has power but looks incredibly sleek then the Harley-Davidson Dyna ‘Urban Cavalry’ by Rough Crafts could very well be for you. In terms of production Rough Crafts will be selling on a made on order basis. The bike is hand crafted so mass production seems to be out of the question. Pricing should start at around $20,000.

Rough Crafts Harley 5



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