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Hello, Ford, is that you? Looking at the GoNow pick up truck

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Although we havnt actually located any GoNow dealerships in Qingdao city to have a closer look at the GoNow range of trucks and jeeps, we have access to a large a amount of photographs that were supplied by GoNow themselves and. hmmmm. were mildly impressed. The front end of this truck does look a little Like the Ford truck.

Brother, is that you? The Ford 4-trac concept truck (below)

The GoNow pick up truck interior

I personally think GoNow deserve a round of applause for making a truck that actually looks like it was well thought out, even if does look a little like it was inspired by the Ford! Most Chinese made trucks that China Car Times sees on the roads these days look like basic Lego block trucks. This Go Now has something, something different and China Car Times likes it.



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