Henes Claims Broon F870 Can Reach 3,000 Miles In Range

The Henes Broon F870 Toy Car Boasts Some Impressive Range Statistics

Updated September 28, 2018

Although Henes has been drawing some serious attention ever since the latest kid’s super-car went into production, a new claim has caused even more interest into this bad boy. Apparently, a pretty serious claim stated that this little monster has a range of 3,000 miles. Is it possible that this toy car could have such a range to begin with?

The Henes Broon Is A Fully Functional Model

Speaking of general performance, the Henes Broon f870 has quite a few impressive features that could easily be on par with the real size cars. The creators of this mean machine made sure that you can give your child the most realistic experience of driving there is. Starting with the sleek, smooth outside, made to represent a real racing car, you have the fully functional hood, doors and the trunk, that can all be popped open or closed. The hood itself isn’t what makes this piece so impressive. It’s what’s under the hood. And believe it or not, it’s the Dual 12V/24V 15,000 RPM 5 Series DC Motor!

Henes Broon F870 1

A Real Monster Is Under The Hood

There is a slight bit of confusion. Since this is a dual engine, the creators at Henes haven’t made it clear yet whether these are two 12V engines, or a single engine that could be switched between 12 and 24V. However, a 15,000 RPM on a kid’s car model translates to a speed usually unreachable by the cars made in the kids’ line production. Intended for kids up to age of 5, this car manages to combine the best driving experience as well as some neat safety at the very same time.

It’s Like A Miniature Sports Car

The creators of Henes Broon f870 made absolutely sure that your child will be safe while they venture out in their brand new ride. There is an amazing amount of detail put into work here, so you will find the brake, and the accelerator pedals, the seat belts, as well as real suspensions and the electronic braking system built into this speed racer.

Henes Broon F870 2There Are No Airbags

Surprisingly, even though a lot of the car parts have been successfully replicated, there is a somewhat noticeable flaw. There appears not to be any airbags present. However, with the remote Bluetooth controller, parents can easily jump in and take control of the vehicle at any time.

Henes Broon F870 3

Parents can also have a huge role in the driving process. In fact, they can manually, or remotely set a predefined driving mode for their child. There are a total of three speeds present. Comfort, normal, and dynamic, all adjusting the accuracy of the brakes and the throttle for a fun experience.

Henes Broon F870 4


Perhaps, the only flaw to this wonderful model is the price. Parents, if you are looking to treat your children to a unique and amazingly detailed miniature car, you will have to spend roughly around 1000$ to get your hands onto this powerful model. If you want to give an early introduction to your children about driving and have them experience the real process, it is surely worth the investment. The interesting claim about the range still has yet to be confirmed.



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