Hennessey 2017 Camaro ZL1 vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat In A Drag Race

Who Wins The ZL1 Vs Hellcat Battle?

Updated November 19, 2018

After the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 hit the streets back in December last year, Hennessey Performance decided to add fuel to the muscle vehicle fire, putting the Chevy in a race against a Dodge Challenger Hellcat.  An automatic Hellcat, in the 2016 race, fought it out with a manual ZL1 and was evident that the Camaro lost ground whenever the driver engaged the shifter.

zl1 vs hellcat race

The Lone Star State developer assured a comeback, with a rematch featuring a manual Mopar machine, which appears to be fair, given that the torque converter Camaro ZL1 was not on the market yet.

Nevertheless, the Texan expert chose to turn everything into a tuning story. While the stick shift Dodge Challenger Hellcat was invited by Hennessey, the Camaro ZL1 featured in the new fight is no longer stock.

2017 zl1 vs hellcat race

Instead, the Chevrolet has been fitted with Hennessey’s 750 hp package. To cut to the chase, the ZL1 got a pulley improvement, a high-flow air induction unit and exhaust system highlighting a long tube stainless steel headers, high-flow catalytic converters, and stainless steel mid-pipes, with new hardware parts being managed by revised ECU software.

The two muscle stars once again went for a chain of drag races, with the Camaro vs Challenger contest happening in the Hennessey’s back yard. The firing machines started off in second gear, with races coming to an end as soon as the cars went beyond 130 mph. It’s also worth mentioning that the two had their Traction Control nannies on.

2017 camaro zl1 vs hellcat

And because the 707-pony Hellcat’s Scale footprint is greater in comparison to the ZL1, the tuner went ahead to promise another competition, one involving its 850hp Challenger Hellcat.




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